New Charms: Discover the new THOMAS SABO pendants

    On the 1st of September, we present you the 'New Charms' collection: Let yourself be fascinated and inspired by the new designs and the colorfulness of our accessories.
    Discover the New Charms by THOMAS SABO

    Now you can discover between 42 new charms, one or more pendants for yourself: Click through our THOMAS SABO online store and experience the magical power of our 'New Charm' pieces!

    Simply animal

    The golden 🐱 charm is a piece of jewelry from the animal collection, which stands as a tribute to the seventh sense - it gives strength and confidence. The symbol of the intuitive power animal is a third 👁️ on the cat's forehead, which exudes an absolutely magical aura due to the flexible star on the necklace. Equally fascinating is the colorful 🐍, which creates a hypnotic effect through the impressive stone trimming and fine graphic engravings.

    Charm-Anhänger Katze gold
    Charm-Anhänger Farbige Schlange
    All animal Charms

    Energy, balance and peace

    You will also get this effect with the silver THOMAS SABO beetle, which will give you a portion of positive energy in difficult life situations and remind you that the beauty of small things can sometimes only be discovered on closer inspection - especially when your life is over dances as crazy as flying in the wind. Combine the 🐞daher best with our fly pendant and feel how a chaotic everyday life can find its balance. You should then enjoy the balance with a moment of calm - and nothing reminds you in a playful-endearing way to pursue this, as the sloth charm.

    Charm-Anhänger Käfer
    Charm-Anhänger Fliege
    Charm-Anhänger Faultier

    Your magic moment begins

    You finally want your private and / or professional moment of glory to begin and your life no longer sneak past you like a falling star over the globe? Then go inside, reach for your innermost heart's desire, and be sure your choices and actions will shine with positive energy in a sparkling ocean, so that your request will come true. Hardly anything will help you here than our THOMAS SABO ✨: Whether the silver cosmo charm, which is studded with zirconia stones, the colored star pendant whose appearance is reminiscent of a compass wind rose or the star-moon charm that makes your dreams come true.

    Charm-Anhänger Stern
    Charm-Anhänger Stern & Mond
    Charm-Anhänger Farbiger Stern silber

    Put anchor - with horseshoe & shamrock

    But to make the most of all your happiness, you should equip yourself with lucky followers every day. Ideal for this are our THOMAS SABO charms: the horseshoe, the ⚓ and the ☘️. Now you finally have the opportunity to symbolically set the anchor in your life to rock your stormy soul in a peaceful mood. In order to sustain the newly-won peace of your selves and elevate your well-being to a higher level, you should connect the three symbols on a bracelet - from now on you have the opportunity to symbolically anchor in your life to your stormy soul in to swing a peaceful mood.

    Charm-Anhänger Hufeisen
    Charm-Anhänger Anker
    Charm-Anhänger Kleeblatt

    Speaking of swinging: Newborns love to be woken up in the arms of the mother in the 😴 and feel the quiet breathing of the mom - this works especially well when the newly mutted mom is relaxed. The necessary relaxation for a pleasant fall asleep 👶🏻 is possible if it is surrounded, for example, with appropriate birthstone. The hand-cut lapis lazuli, rose quartz or lemon quartz stones create a gentle atmosphere that will make many children fall asleep quickly and easily - see for yourself and try it out. Equally delightful and packed with a dose of love, are the gilded ❤️ charms. With the followers, in which one was decorated with a dragonfly and another with an arrowhead, you can hardly present his affection better. Pure Love!

    Charm-Anhänger Geburtsstein September
    Charm-Anhänger Geburtsstein November
    Charm-Anhänger Herz mit Libelle gold
    Charm-Anhänger Amors Pfeil gold
    Charm-Anhänger Geburtsstein Oktober
    All birth stones

    If you want to discover the rest of our THOMAS SABO 'New Charms' range, check out our online shop or one of our stores. You are welcome to share a selfie of yourself and your purchased accessory on Instagram with the hashtag #thomassabo.

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