Partner jewellery: more than just a symbol of love

    Partner jewellery is as old as mankind itself. Read on to find out how to style this jewellery trend, without it being a romantic cliché.

    Jewellery has been around for as long as we have existed, the first ever preserved pieces of jewellery are around 100,000 years old and with its symbolic power, jewellery belongs to the root of humanity. Since the tradition began, jewellery has always been selected and worn with a meaning which shows a sense of belonging, the most important factor is that it represents a connection with a loved one or partner. More specifically and in lots of cultures, the most significant piece of partner jewellery is an engagement and wedding ring.

    There are endless possibilities to express the connection to one's partner. After all, partner and the symbol of connection to another person should not be limited to marriage. Today, there is a much broader and diverse range of partnerships that play a greater role than they did hundreds of years ago. Of course, partner jewellery can be a wonderful symbol for a traditional relationship, but why not use it to express love for friends or family members?

    THOMAS SABO jewellery is symbolic and features a deeper meaning behind each piece. Inspired by a wide variety of cultures, company found Thomas Sabo began to rethink jewellery styles back in 1980 and took inspiration from a variety of cultures worldwide as well as the punk movement in London at the time. So whilst the partner jewellery is a new collection that combines traditional symbols of solidarity with minimalist designs, the creative form of the jewellery takes inspiration from the brand DNA, making it an integral, natural part of THOMAS SABO.

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    Partner jewellery from THOMAS SABO is a new collection, in a more minimalist form, consisting of elements such as keys or discs, as pendants, in ring form or inserted into bracelets. These accessories can be personalised with meaningful messages, special dates or symbols personal to you via our complimentary engraving service. These pieces of jewellery make the perfect partner jewellery thanks to their simple, classic style which offers more of a timeless, cool look instead of being overly romantic and playful.

    Necklace keys silver
    Necklace tag with white stones gold
    Ring classic black

    Partner jewellery doesn’t mean that both wearers have to style the exact same piece of jewellery. This collection offers a variety of accessories with similar or the same symbols in different styles, allowing each individual to wear theirs differently. For example, an elongated plaque with an engraving can be worn as necklace pendant, but can also be an element of a bracelet.

    For those who prefer a figurative design rather than a spoken word, our "Tree of Love" puts the symbolism of the tree of life in a romantic light.

    Last but not least, our 'Together' collection features symbols such as hearts and interwoven rings as a sign of infinity. Some of the jewellery pieces have ‘Together’ or ‘Forever’ engraved onto them in large, san-serif letters to add additional meaning and represent the special bond between two people.

    Necklace crown silver
    THOMAS SABO Together collection

    It goes without saying that our partner jewellery makes the perfect gift, for birthdays, special occasions and of course, Christmas. A bonus: in the case of partner jewellery, a gift to your partner always includes a gift to yourself.

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