Pearls & Chains: The perfect mix of timeless classics and modern designs

    This aesthetic collection skillfully combines the timeless contrast of precious pearls, high-quality stones and modern chains - read on to discover more on the new THOMAS SABO collection.

    THOMAS SABO has created a jewellery line in which on-trend jewellery classics have been reinterpreted in an innovative way. The collection is a perfect interplay of 925 Sterling silver, beautifully shaped pearls and hand-facetted gemstones that truly showcase the DNA of THOMAS SABO.

    Necklace pearls silver
    Bracelet pearls silver
    Hoop earrings links and pearls silver

    Timeless and sparkling

    Each of our designs captivates with timeless silhouettes and clear compositions: the sparkling elements and fine details complement each other as well as other THOMAS SABO accessories and add an elegant finish to any style.

    Bracelet beige pearls with crescent moon silver
    Bracelet links and pearls silver
    pearl bracelet
    Necklace links and pearls silver
    Necklace links and pearls silver
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    Collection highlights

    The highlight of our Pearls & Chains collection is provided by the precious freshwater cultured pearls. These are hand selected and captivate with their very high luster, which is created on the outer mother-of-pearl layer. The individual textures of the pearls create an unmistakable, sophisticated brilliance and accentuate any outfit.

    Earring links with pearl silver
    Earring links with pearl silver
    pearl earrings

    Aesthetic & elegant

    The pearls also come into their own when you combine them with THOMAS SABO jewellery made from 925 Sterling silver, which has a unique aesthetic, creating an individual look with a touch of elegance.     

    Necklace links silver
    Necklace links silver
    Necklace links silver

    Discover the THOMAS SABO Pearls & Chains Collection

    Discover the right THOMAS SABO Pearls & Chains jewellery for you as well as for your loved ones and let these timeless designs become your chosen every day accessory. Shop our entire collection on our website at

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