Tennis Bracelets: Perfect styling match with brilliant bracelets

    Discover the sparkling THOMAS SABO designs that are absolute highlights for your individual looks.

    THOMAS SABO has designed accessories that should become your everyday styling companions from now on: Tennis Bracelets.

    Sparkling eye-catchers

    The trendy bracelets with strung together gemstones are captivating with their sparkling appearance and are particularly in vogue at the moment. This is mainly due to the fact that tennis bracelets are both minimalist and elegant and look like little eye-catchers on every wrist.

    Bracelet colourful stones, gold
    Bracelet colourful stones, silver
    Tennis bracelet gold

    A look full of joie de vivre

    The stylish new interpretations of timeless classics add a touch of class to your individual styling - whether in the colours of the rainbow or set with white stones. The jewellery pieces with glass-ceramic stones, synthetic corundum and spinel as well as zirconia stones provide a fresh look and exude joie de vivre.

    Tennis bracelet silver
    Tennis bracelet silver
    Tennis bracelet silver

    Good to know: the name "tennis bracelet

    Tennis bracelets look nothing like the absorbent textile bracelets, but the name has its origins in tennis. The term apparently originated after a US Open match in 1987, as reports. That year, the US tennis player Chris Evert played a match wearing a diamond bracelet. She lost it during the match, which had to be interrupted to quickly retrieve the little treasure - and it was. "Since then, filigree bracelets with diamonds strung together have been called tennis bracelets. Before that, they were simply called Eternity Bracelet."

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