THOMAS SABO Eyewear Premiere in Vienna

    In occasion of the 35th anniversary of the THOMAS SABO brand and the launch of the first Eyewear Collection, company founder Thomas Sabo and creative director Susanne Kölbli invited around 100 guests to Vienna. Prominent faces from the fashion and showbiz industry were seen having their best time at the party, while celebrating these important milestones.
    Ruby O. Fee, Rebecca Mir, Larissa Marolt and Barbara Meier in Vienna

    Summer vibes in the centre of Vienna

    While in the past few weeks it has been raining in most parts of Europe, the sun was shining in the city of Vienna. On arrival at the THOMAS SABO flagship store, guests were surprised to find a piece of California in the centre of the Austrian capital. A splash of colours and summer vibes were on the menu, including cocktails, palm trees, colourful vintage cars, roller-skates and much more   

    THOMAS SABO Models with our Eyewear Sunglasses in front of our Store in Vienna

    Celebrities and customers attending the event

    The premiere of the very first THOMAS SABO Eyewear Collection was celebrated with a truly sensational in-store party. Customers, friends and celebrity guests such as Barbara Meier, Anuthida Ploypetch and Rebecca Mir - personally invited by company founder Thomas Sabo and Creative Director Susanne Kölbli - attended the happening.

    Rebecca Mir, Barbara Meier, Larissa Marolt and Ruby O. Fee in Vienna

    Ruby O. Fee, Rebecca Mir & Co. at the THOMAS SABO event

    Actress Ruby O. Fee, girlfriend of 100 Things movie actor Matthias Schweighöfer, was in attendance to the event. German TV personalities Rebecca Mir, Jochen Schropp and Jo Weil also had fun posing in the chic vintage cars – very instagrammable!

    Ruby O. Fee with Mister Thomas Sabo

    Nina Suess has chosen HARRISON

    With such an exuberant personality, it's no wonder that fashion influencer Nina Suess was in the party mood! She immediately threw herself straight into action, put on her personal THOMAS SABO Eyewear favourite frame and snapped away dozen of pictures for her Instagram. Nina has made her top choice: our HARRISON model in pilot shape is her go-to accessory for Summer.

    Must-haves for Summer 2019

    All THOMAS SABO sunglasses are enriched with detailing inspired by the most iconic jewellery designs. Colours, materials, quality and the THOMAS SABO signature look make them the absolute must-haves for summer!

    Fingerfood for all THOMAS SABO customers

    A successful in-store event

    Not only celebrities like Rebecca Mir, Masha Sedgwick, Nina Suess and Anuthida Ploypetch captured the colourful ambience with numerous snapshots and stories shared on their social media profiles. Many Privilege Club customers, selected members of the exclusive THOMAS SABO customer club, also attended the in-store event in Vienna and ended the day with fruity cocktails and canapés.

    THOMAS SABO Eyewear model

    THOMAS SABO Eyewear

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