Mother’s Day gifts with love

THOMAS SABO is all about love... just like the unconditional love you share with your Mum! To help you celebrate Mother’s Day in style, we have selected the best Mother's day jewellery gifts that will surprise and delight the most special lady in your life. Choose from beautiful heart-shaped jewellery, a range of infinity jewellery, as well as elegant jewellery sets and engravable pieces. A selection made to suit any style, taste…and pocket. Shop online now on the THOMAS SABO online store and make sure that this Mother's Day one to remember.

One of a kind: Create personalised gifts just for her

Engraved jewellery from the Love Bridge range makes great Mother’s Day gifts as they not only look stunning, but they can be personalised with your love message. Is she the “Best Mum Ever”? Then have these words engraved free of charge on a Love Bridge bracelet, ring band or Love Coin pendant and make the memory of this day last forever! Love Bridge allows you to create your very own Mother’s day jewellery. Create unique, meaningful, personalised gifts that come straight from the heart! Mind though: such a loving gift will surely make her shed some tears of joy! Little Secrets friendship bracelets can also be engraved with your love message and make a lovely little gift for Mother's Day.

You can never go wrong with a heart necklace!

Play it safe with heart jewellery that will make her heart beat faster! Choose from a wide selection of heart pendants, heart lockets and sweet bracelets and earrings featuring the symbol of true love. A gift from the heart... in the shape of a heart will be a Mother's Day gift that she will cherish forever. Heart Charms can also be a subtle but meaningful Mother's Day present that she take with her wherever she goes. Shop the new Charms and create personalised sets that suit Mum's style and personality. She can wear them on a charm bracelet or a charm necklace for a statement look - even better if on two layered necklaces: the new, ultra-stylish way to wear Charms, as seen on the catwalks.
Tell your mum “I love you”, or “Thank you” for all she’s done and for always being by your side, no matter what! You can do that in the most exceptional way with Mother’s Day jewellery gifts that will be reminders of her little baby’s affection... because aren’t we all still babies for Mum in the end, even when we’re fully grown up?!