Welcome voucher

You receive your welcome voucher when you join the club. We will send you this voucher along with your exclusive, personal Customer Club Card by post once you have joined the club. Please make sure that you have given us your current valid address information. Address up to date? Check here >> To customer account >>

How high is the value of the welcome voucher?

The value depends on the your country of origin and is graduated as follows:

• 10 EUR (redeemable from a purchase value of 75 EUR) for customers from:

- Germany
- Austria
- France
- Spain

• 10 GBP (redeemable from a purchase value of 75 GBP) for customers from:

- Great Britain

• 10 CHF (redeemable from a purchase value of 75 CHF) for customers from:

- Switzerland

• 100 SEK (redeemable from a purchase value of 750 SEK) for customers from:

- Sweden

How can I redeem my welcome voucher?

When you join our Privilege Club, in addition to your personal, free Customer Club Card, as a special welcome gift, you will also receive a goods purchase voucher. You can redeem this voucher starting from a specified minimum order value either directly in your THOMAS SABO retail store or online at www.thomassabo.com

• Retail
To redeem the voucher in one of our stores, please separate your voucher from the welcome letter and present it in the shop. Our employees will then scan the printed barcode and deduct the voucher value directly from your purchase.

• Online
To redeem the voucher in our THOMAS SABO online shop, during the order process, please enter the voucher code printed on your welcome letter. The voucher value is then automatically deducted from the total order value.

Note: Your welcome voucher is not firmly linked to a customer number. You can therefore also redeem it with a newly registered online account.

What do I have to do to get my welcome voucher?

You must be a member of the THOMAS SABO Privilege Club and have given us your consent to contact you by e-mail.

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