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Create your own style rules with stacking rings, layered necklaces and more

When it comes to your own personal style, you’re in charge. Whether girly, edgy or minimal, discover stacking rings and layered necklaces, along with bracelet and watch combinations that you can style in your very own way. Throw caution to the wind by mix and matching jewellery pieces to create a unique look that reflects your personality and celebrates your individuality. Layer necklaces in different lengths, with and without pendants for a statement look. Wear as many layered bracelets on one single wrist as you like: there is no limit to creativity! Play with different metals, sizes and colours to see your jewellery in a new way thanks to the endless amounts of combinations that layering and stacking allows.

Stacking rings & bracelet stacks: the faultless everyday jewellery trend

When it comes to creating an everyday look that is individual and fun, jewellery stacks are your best friend! There is no right and wrong when it comes to creating ring band and bracelet stacks so don’t be afraid to rock the boat. For a more feminine look, opulent stacking rings featuring vividly coloured stones and diamonds from the Royalty range are the perfect pick. Add a rebellious element to your look with edgy skull stacking rings and layered bracelets from the Rebel at heart collection. Reimagine your old school THOMAS SABO pieces by combining them with stacking rings and bracelet stacks from the new collection to keep your look fun and fresh.

Instagram worthy: Bracelet & watch combinations

The bracelet and watch combo and the layered necklace look are some of the latest social media trends that look like they are here to stay. As seen on all the coolest bloggers and fashion influencers, elevate the look of a sleek watch with one or multiple bracelets, bangles or cuffs. For him, pairing a watch from the THOMAS SABO Watches collection with beaded bracelets such as the Mala XXL bracelets, transforms your look from business to pleasure with ease. For her, dainty chains and mixed metals create a clean look that fits into the minimal trend of the moment. Layered necklaces in various lengths and metals will look amazing when paired with dresses, jumpers and even the simplest of t-shirts. From Mini Chakras to Triangle diamonds, add symbolic chains to your layered necklace look for a meaningful touch.