Be inspired by the fascinating world of the wolf: The Rebel Wolf collection from THOMAS SABO is a statement series that embodies wild mysticism. The striking fur pattern and graphic diamond-shaped patterns are distinctive design elements that run through all the jewellery categories.
The wolf teaches us:
Feel the power of your instincts and live in harmony with the natural world.
His message of freedom:
Open your heart to him, for he carries the wisdom of the wild.
Key piece:
The centrepiece of the collection is the handcrafted Rebel Wolf pendant made from recycled 925 silver, embellished with 102 hand-set stones.
Rebel Wolf pendant

The stylised wolf pendant symbolises strength, courage and independence. Discover the untamed elegance of this piece and make it your own personal statement.

NOK 3.299,00
Rebel Wolf collection – all categories, all designs: