TS EXCLUSIVE & Sterling Silver
Since the very beginning, THOMAS SABO has been all about pure 925 Sterling silver: the brand's identity and stylish attention to detail are reflected in exclusive high-end collections.
TS EXCLUSIVE by THOMAS SABO stands for the highest standards of design, craftsmanship and perfection. The high-quality workmanship lends the jewellery pieces made of 925 Sterling silver an incomparable value.
Exclusively available
The fascinating selection of TS EXCLUSIVE creations is available exclusively in our THOMAS SABO stores and in the online store.
Precise craftsmanship
The carefully selected collections are famous for their craftsmanship and unique aesthetics. Some of the filigree jewellery pieces are plated with a high-carat rose gold or yellow gold plating and lavishly decorated with stone settings.
Sterling silver
Excellent techniques are used to work the 925 Sterling silver: The designs are selectively blackened in some places or bathed several times in a high-carat rose or yellow gold layer - giving each design its expressive individuality.