Click & Collect: Order conveniently online and collect from the shop

What is Click & Collect?

With the Click & Collect service you have the chance to purchase your desired products online and conveniently collect them from your nearest store. This gives you two benefits: firstly, you can enjoy the advantages of online shopping and comfortably shop from anywhere you are. Secondly, you have the flexibility to collect your order at any time during the opening hours of your designated THOMAS SABO shop and are not bound by the delivery times of the Post Office or delivery service. And the best thing is that you even save on the delivery charges!


Which advantages does Click & Collect offer?

• Time flexibility: You can determine yourself when you would like to collect your order during the opening

   hours of your designated THOMAS SABO store and don't need to be present at your delivery address as

   you would for a postal delivery.

• The delivery to the store is always free of charge

• Comprehensive product range: All products offered in the online shop can also be sent to your desired

   THOMAS SABO shop, even if the store does not stock those particular products.

• Service: You'll receive competent professional advice from our in-store team and can also find out about other

   products to match your purchase, you can try them on and buy them directly.


How do I select Click & Collect for my order?
Step 1: Shop online

Shop online at www.thomassabo.com and place your desired article(s) in the shopping basket.

Step 2: Specify delivery address and confirm your order

Once that all your desired products are in the shopping basket, you can go ahead with the order process by clicking on the “Proceed to checkout” button. To do this, please enter your login details if you already have an account or register as a new customer if you don't. It is also possible to place an order as a guest. In the second step, you need to specify the delivery address. To use the Click & Collect service, please select “Send to THOMAS SABO shop” in this section. With the help of a drop-down list, you can now select the THOMAS SABO shop you would like your products to be sent to. The address, contact data and opening times of the shop in question will be displayed for you. Then you only have to select the payment type (credit card, PayPal or gift card) before you can submit your order.


Step 3: Confirmation e-mail and collection of your order

You will then receive an e-mail with the confirmation that we have received your order. Once your parcel has arrived at the designated THOMAS SABO shop, you will receive another e-mail: this is the binding notification that your products are ready for collection and informs you how long they will be kept for you. Please note that the package will be stored in the shop for you for seven days and then automatically returned to headquarters.


With this e-mail and a valid ID (ID card/driving license), you can collect the order from your THOMAS SABO shop.


Alternatively, you can nominate a person to collect the order from the shop on your behalf. In order for your package to be handed over, this person must be able to present this e-mail, an authorisation to act bearing your signature, the name of the collector and a valid ID (ID card/driving license).


Still have questions? You can find the answers in our FAQ!
Can I also have my desired products sent to a THOMAS SABO stockist?

No, this is unfortunately currently not possible. The Click & Collect function can only be used for selected THOMAS SABO shops.

Can my desired products also be sent to a THOMAS SABO shop abroad?

You can send your desired products to any shop of your choice only in the country. It is unfortunately not possible to have items sent abroad.

How long will my order be kept in the THOMAS SABO shop?

Your order will be stored in the shop for you for seven days and then automatically returned to headquarters.

If I do not like the product, can I get an immediate refund in the THOMAS SABO shop?

The articles purchased through Click & Collect can be exchanged or sent for return from the shop. It is however not possible to immediately receive a refund in the shop directly, this will only be issued once that the returned articles reach the warehouse. Articles can only be returned in the same country.  

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