Dear Visitor to our Charity Site,


Thank you for your interest in our charity projects. We hope that we will be able to win you over for our good cause.


As the Chair of the THOMAS SABO Foundation, it is hugely important to me that we promote our Charity projects with effective measures and constantly monitor the status of their development. To this end, we take on numerous support-worthy causes – although the main focus of our work is on international charity projects for children and youngsters. Here, we want to help reduce child poverty and provide many of those affected with an outlook for their future lives instead of hopelessness.


Particularly close to my heart are the projects in Columbia. The conditions there – which merely generate shaking of the head among many visitors from rich industrialised countries – are always an incentive for me to never lose focus of my efforts. I myself grew up in Columbia and am familiar with the situation first-hand. I will never forget the shocking images from my childhood. This will undoubtedly help you understand my particular commitment to the educational centre MANOS PROVIDENTES in Columbia.


The THOMAS SABO Foundation has secured many improvements over the years, but there is still lots to do. At this point, I cordially ask all THOMAS SABO friends, employees, business partners and customers to support our foundation. If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to contact us under charity@thomassabo.com.


With best regards,

Luz Enith Sabo 

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