Unique jewellery creations for bridesmaids and flower girls

After a romantic proposal, the newly engaged couple – full of anticipation – start to plan their dream wedding – many decide on a colour palette that runs through the whole wedding. The overall effect becomes particularly magical if the bridesmaids also appear in matching coloured clothes and, of course, matching jewellery. Find out which THOMAS SABO pieces of jewellery can be combined particularly well with various colour tones.
Mint green palette

The enchanting pastel tone mint green is increasingly popular within bridal couples. Romantic and refreshing at the same time, it symbolises not only harmony and security, but also accentuates the power and vibrancy of two lovers, who are confidently taking a chance on a future together.


Discover our magical pieces of jewellery which harmonise perfectly with mint green outfits.

Pink colour palette

Many bridal couples select a pastel pink as a colour scheme for their fairytale wedding – because this soft colour creates a feather light, pleasant ambience. It lends the wedding a particularly romantic and dreamy touch. It is particularly delightful if the bridesmaids also glide around the dancefloor in this harmonious colour.


Discover our jewellery designs that make a pink bridesmaid outfit shine.

Cream colour palette

The classic amongst the wedding colours: the colour cream radiates timeless elegance, and is one of the most popular colour variants for the design of the big day. This warm tone exudes a comfortable ambience, and yet radiates energy. Due to its discreet character, the colour cream can be combined excellently, and flatters almost any complexion in different nuances.


Discover our jewellery creations which complement a cream outfit perfectly.

Blue colour palette

The colour blue fascinates many bridal couples, due to its deep symbolism – at weddings it particularly radiates trust, loyalty and harmony and celebrates eternal love. Depending on the colour nuance, blue looks elegant, invigorating or discreetly playful, and creates a wonderful atmosphere.


Discover our luxurious pieces of jewellery for bridesmaids, which harmonise particularly well with a regal looking blue.

Modern, classic, romantic or vintage – which bridal type are you?


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Engagement rings, jewellery for bride and bridegroom: you can also get an overview of the magical jewellery designs, which will make your big day something truly special.

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