Tree of Love: Unique natural elements in the form of jewellery

    Experience the positive effect of this intricately beautiful collection.
    Discover all THOMAS SABO Tree of Love Designs

    THOMAS SABO combines elements of nature in creative cut-out designs and creates special highlights with fascinating pieces of jewellery. This jewellery series is an artful combination of symbolic power and stylish elegance, where authenticity meets meticulous craftsmanship. Experience the positive effect of this nature-inspired collection and discover versatile designs that accentuate your stylish self.

    Sparkling good luck charms

    Create glowing styling highlights with the lovingly designed Tree of Love pendant. The piece of jewellery with precious 18-carat gold plating is adorned with approximately 100 highlights such as inlays made of mother-of-pearl, colourful as well as opal-inspired stones, fine engraving lines and fascinates with two movable stone pendants. Equally unique is the pendant with a rotating tree of life in the centre, which impresses with its refined attention to detail – making this piece a special talisman.

    Pendant tree of love gold colourful stones
    Pendant tree of love gold colourful stones
    Discover all THOMAS SABO Tree of Love accessoiries

    With this expressive collection, you will be able to make countless, positive qualities your own. The tree of life has a great symbolic significance. With its deep roots and high tops, it connects heaven, earth and the underworld and thus, as the world axis, keeps the cosmic order in balance. In the form of a high-quality piece of jewellery, it also brings your soul back into balance and ensures inner peace.

    Jewellery with a positive effect

    The same applies to our perfectly shaped necklaces or filigree bracelets: with the motif of the tree of life, these special designs give you energetic strength, balance and wisdom for all upcoming facets of life - at the same time, they symbolically stand for growth and support.

    necklace Tree of Love gold
    Necklace tree of love rose gold
    Necklace tree of love silver
    bracelet tree of love gold
    bracelet tree of love rosé
    bracelet tree of love silver

    Collection as a symbol of nature

    Take advantage of the beneficial effects of our THOMAS SABO Tree of Love collection and surround yourself with life-affirming accessories. Artfully and in part intricately crafted by hand, the flawless jewellery series combines the symbolism of the tree of life with the power of love and presents itself as a symbol of nature.

    ring Tree of Love gold
    bead Tree of Love gold
    women’s watch Karma

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