Scarab: Use the power and energy of the emblematic beetle

    Learn interesting details about the lucky animal and indulge in the Scarab's energy - it will get you on the right path to life.
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    In ancient Egypt, the scarab became very important: For at that time, the members of the ancient people were sure that the small invertebrate animal emerged from nowhere.The reason for this assumption: The Egyptians have only been able to observe how scarabs have rolled dungballs before them, from which tiny beetles have finally climbed - for all the ignorant, this has been considered a symbol of creative power. The fact is, however, that Pillendreher lay their larvae in advance in dung ball and therefore creates a new Coleoptera life.

    Draw the energy of life

    However, scarabs are not just an image of the resurrection, they are equated with the solar run, in which the dung-ball symbolizes the sun, which the beetle forms, transports and then buries - all of which is finally synonymous with the sunset.
    To this day, the scarab is regarded as a lucky charm worldwide: Therefore, it is not surprising that the beetle is worn by many people in the form of an amulet. Allow yourself to be positively influenced by the energy of life and the resurrection and discover the right accessory for you, which manages you through difficult life situations.

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    Pendant as good luck charm

    While the Sunny Beetle necklace is a reinterpreted, timeless lucky charm, and captivates with a colorful version, the earrings exude a playful-oriental flair and look like little dynamic creatures nestled against your ears due to the faceted stones.
    Just as effective is the filigree pendant with black zirconia stones. This piece of jewelry gives you strength and the necessary vital energy to skilfully and stressfully master stressful days. The Ankh exudes the same power and combines with the Scarab to create an elaborate protective amulet with light and dark accents.

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    That's how you focus

    An abstract design of black onyx is the Ring of Black Scarab. It breathes you the necessary ability to focus on the essentials in your private and professional life - as well as the bead from our THOMAS SABO assortment. A stylish symbol of life that you can optimally combine with any of your outfits.

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    The happiness in life

    Discover many other scarab accessories in our online shop or in one of our stores, such as the gold-plated bracelet or the 925 sterling silver blackened necklace. From now on you can rely on the jewelery of THOMAS SABO and master your everyday life with no worries. See for yourself!

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