Wheel of Fortune: 7 lucky jewellerys

    Our designers have designed delicate masterpieces called 'Wheel of Fortune' for those looking for happiness and change in life - here's all the details.
    All Wheel of Fortune accessoiries

    Experience the groundbreaking magic of our THOMAS SABO 'Wheel of Fortune' series: Tarot-inspired jewelery such as bracelets, pendants, beads, rings, necklaces, earrings and hoop earrings should serve as talismans to keep you away from negative influences. They also help you to make the right choices in life and guide you through emotionally aggravating situations.

    Amulet & Labyrinth

    The colorful gilded amulet is a detailed reinterpretation of the wheel of fortune, which can be combined as a pendant individually with our chains. The special stone cuts for the heart and star designs give the piece of jewelery a distinctive look. The THOMAS SABO Labyrinth Pendant maneuvers you safely through the wrong paths of your own life. The gilded mini bicolor star is a small gem highlight that you can playfully move by hand.
    But not only the amulet and labyrinth are to serve you as auspicious jewels, also followers like the 925 blackened sterling silver Dog Day do justice to this task. Convince yourself in our online shop.

    pendant Amulet magical lucky symbols
    pendant compass star gold
    pendant Pendant ornaments, gold
    pendant Labyrinth with golden star
    pendant maze
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    Bracelets & Beads

    The colorful gilded charm bracelets from the THOMAS SABO 'Wheel of Fortune' series are artfully crafted masterpieces from many individual parts. The elaborate stone cuts complete the design perfectly and thus set the trailblazing stars, the scarab motifs and the protective eye of Nazar skilfully in scene.
    The beads will not only make your outfit shine in a new light, but also your personality: The compass beads, which are partially available in bi-color optics, have been elaborated by our designers and worked in several levels to give you confidence in important Incorporate life decisions.

    Bead compass gold
    bracelet Lucky charms, silver
    Bead Bug
    Bead Bug gold
    bracelet Large lucky charms, gold
    All 'Wheel of Fortune'-beads and -bracelets

    Rings & necklaces

    Whether signet ring or band ring: The 'Wheel of Fortune' rings are impressive pieces of jewelery made with precise silversmithing or craftsmanship - on the one hand with bi-color optics and on the other hand in cool edgy form. The rings are meant to serve as inspirational signposts and help you realize your own dreams. The length-adjustable chains have the same effect: the gold-plated scarab chain and the bead chain with spiritist symbolism stand for protection, meditation, resurrection and the cycle of life. The single stone-studded, three-dimensional gold-plated scarab chain and the significant bead chain that stands for the world's axis are both absolute highlights of the 'Wheel of Fortune' collection.

    ring compass gold
    ring Compass, angular, black
    necklace scarab
    necklace Meditation, gold

    Earrings & Hoops

    Filigree details and colorful colors can be found in the handcrafted lucky charm, the playful gilded earrings. These earrings combine faceted stones, fanciful stars and colorful scarab motifs. The rose gold plated stud earrings serve as smybol of happiness and with their positive charisma and their colorful jewel colors much joy. A feeling that the 'back to basic' hoops can trigger on you and are therefore a must-have for your jewelry box.

    earrings Colourful lucky symbols
    hoop earrings large

    Discover 'Wheel of Fortune' jewelry for yourself

    Experience the magical world of the THOMAS SABO 'Wheel of Fortune' collection: stop by one of our country stores or visit the online shop and discover the right piece of jewelry for yourself, which will always bring you happiness. If you would like to share your newly acquired accessories with us, please post a photo of yourself with the Preziose on your Instagram or Facebook profile under the hashtag #thomassabo.

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