Born Tiger: A symbol of strength and dignity

As a tribute to the strength and dignity of the power animal, THOMAS SABO has reinterpreted the symbolism of the tiger into a bold jewellery collection.


Since 2010, International Tiger Day has been celebrated every year on 29th July to spread awareness and educate people all over the world on the importance of protecting endangered tigers. In keeping with this, THOMAS SABO has reinterpreted the Rebel Tiger collection, with which you can show your solidarity with the expressive power animal in an edgy way.

The symbolism of the tiger

The tiger symbolises strength, willpower and courage and reminds you that you need to summon up strength to overcome the hurdles that lie ahead in life. The main benefit of the THOMAS SABO Born Tiger designs is that the predatory cat is also considered a lucky charm and radiates its positive qualities to the wearer. By opting for the signet ring, you’ll also benefit from its positive qualities. Each design has its own symbolism and exudes a powerful flair that you can skilfully use for your own benefit.

Create your Born Tiger look

If you want to experience the rebellious effect of the lucky charm in all its facets, then it’s best to opt for a Born Tiger combination of necklaces, bracelets and detailed pendants. The accessories not only look powerful on their own as a statement piece but, when worn together, the designs completement one another harmoniously, with a guaranteed positive effects on your mood!

Marisa Hampe:

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Als Reise-Influencerin zeigt uns Marisa Hampe atemberaubende Naturmomente. Und das in einer Bildsprache, die so außergewöhnlich und inspirierend ist, dass wir für unser THOMAS SABO Magazin mit ihr gesprochen haben, um mehr über sie, ihren Blick auf die Welt und ihren Stil zu erfahren. {{template:publishedOn}}