Symbolic, meaningful rings

    Wearing a ring on a particular finger reveals a lot about its wearer - read on to find out more.

    Versatile finger jewellery in different sizes, colours with on-trend embellishments is indispensable in the fashion industry. For decades, rings have been used to accessorise outfits and enhance individual styles. Rings can be worn alone or combined with other styles, the rule is: whatever is pleasing and works in harmony with each other is permitted. Not only are they statement accessory pieces, rings also have a unique meaning of their own and stand for different things when worn on a particular finger. Discover more by reading this Style Guide article.

    ring Ornaments, silver
    Ring skull crown
    Ring white stones, silver
    ring Tree of Love gold

    The meaning behind rings & fingers

    Thumb: Nowadays, wearing a ring on your thumb is a way to represent wealth and power. However, looking back to ancient times, the Greek emperor used to wear them on his thumb and would help decide on whether someone lived 👍🏻 or died 👎🏻.

    ring black tiger pattern
    Ring elements of nature silver
    Ring skull

    Index finger: Those who choose the index finger often belong to a sorority or club and thus symbolise togetherness. However, the ring also signifies a desire to rule and hold power.

    Middle finger: A ring on the middle finger symbolises responsibility, humanity and universal laws. It also represents the balance between good and evil as well as justice.

    Ring watermelon gold
    Ring dots stones gold
    Ring dots with white stones gold

    Ring finger: If a ring is worn on the ring finger, it reflects marital status and usually means that one is engaged (left hand) or married (right hand) - in terms of romance and traditions, a ring on this finger is the most significant.

    Ring opal-coloured stone
    Ring opal-coloured stone
    Ring white stones, silver

    Little finger: Signet rings in particular are often worn on the little finger in the 21st century and are considered rings with a status symbol.

    Ring cross black stones
    ring tiger gold
    Ring sword gold

    Ring symbolism

    The ring has been considered a symbol of love, unity and loyalty as well as attachment since time immemorial. Although the meanings have changed over the years, the symbolism can ultimately be traced back to its origins. The meaning of a ring is also derived from its shape, which has no beginning and no end - just like love, which is supposed to last an eternity.

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