Signet rings: stylish effects with symbolic designs

    Discover the variety of custom-fit THOMAS SABO rings and make your very own styling statement.

    We give our seal of approval to this trend: rings with a status symbol. The fashion-conscious rely on the eye-catching effect of versatile signet rings to add an extravagant touch to their own look. For both men and women, each design - whether filigree, chunky, clean or minimalist - has its own symbolism and exudes a powerful and successful flair that you can skillfully use to style up your look.

    Ring cross black stones
    Ring sword silver
    Ring cross royalty

    Clean, modern, chic: signet rings

    Handmade signet rings have a special expressiveness. The shiny 18-carat gold plating and smooth polished onyx give our pieces of jewellery a unique value. The same applies to the classic THOMAS SABO signet ring, which becomes a piece of jewellery with a strong statement thanks to the clarity of its material and design.

    Ring black-gold
    Ring Classic black-gold
    ring classic

    Did you know?

    In the Middle Ages, signet rings were worn almost exclusively by the nobility on the index finger or thumb and served as personal stamps. Signet rings were pressed into warm wax on documents to seal them securely.

    Signet rings reinterpreted

    THOMAS SABO has reinterpreted the large, stately rings and made them an absolute fashion must-have - the signet rings with tiger's eye stones are particularly popular. These accessories are expressive eye-catchers in which the finest engraving lines have a delightful feel and make for rocking, rebellious styling.

    ring skull
    ring brown
    ring ethno skulls brown

    Styling tip for signet rings

    Traditionally, a signet ring should be worn on the ring finger - but in the 21st fashion century, there is no limit to the versatility of ring wear. The only important thing is that the engraving or decoration points in the direction of the other person and is therefore easy to read.

    Ring sword silver
    ring faith, love, hope
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    Discover signet rings

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