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Statement Jewellery: Set new fashion standards

We introduce our THOMAS SABO statement jewellery. Discover accessories that match your everyday looks but are also deeply symbolic.

If you want to make a statement with your jewellery but still want your jewels to match your everyday look, then look no further than the new Statement Jewellery line. Continue reading, then browse the website to discover the new range for yourself, full of pieces that will captivate others with its breath-taking designs.


Statement Jewellery is classic, yet cool and full of versatile pieces that easily match whatever you wear. Whether on the job, out for dinner, or even on special occasions such as birthday parties – this line is the perfect fit for all scenarios.

Impressive rings

Signet rings have always been a symbol of power and authority: this is also embodied in the expressive talisman ring with compass motif, positioning you in an influential light. However, if you prefer a simple look, the square band ring is perfect for grabbing and putting on every day and pairing with all looks, whether going to the office, or out on the town. An artfully handcrafted piece of jewellery, this ring stands out even more when worn against dark clothes. Even more classic is the nine-cornered sterling silver ring, that supports your ability to concentrate – an excellent way to stay focused during the busy days.

Timeless bracelets & bangles

The silver cuff has a timeless effect thanks to its solid look. The skilfully crafted transition between the highly polished and domed surfaces create a contemporary look that can suit the most minimal of styles, to the most rebellious when stacked up. Share this or the silver beaded bracelet with a loved one to create a friendship bracelet or couple’s look. The elastic stretch band on the beaded bracelet simply adjusts to the wrists of the wearer and is popular with travel enthusiasts, thanks to the globe bead that represents the wanderlust in all of us. 

Pendant: Pendulum and Labyrinth

The THOMAS SABO pendulum pendant guides the wearer when making important life decisions. Intricate details decorate this piece of jewellery and gives any outfit a sense of character. Another extraordinary design is the labyrinth pendant, a symbol of balance. 

Jewellery for travellers

The meditation chain stands for protection and peace: It is a piece of jewellery that consists of frosted and polished obsidian beads with the central pendant considered a symbol of the world axis – perfect for all globetrotters. Tie this with the silver hoops that also have a distinctive look and you’re good to go for your next trip!

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A classic with a new twist: Pearls make a trendy statement

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