This way to the Tropical Paradise

THOMAS SABO presents you with a colourful animal world in the form of richly detailed jewellery.


Paradise has its own special meaning for everyone: for some people it is a specific place with which they associate everlasting happiness, for others it is symbolic jewellery that evokes positive feelings – these are precisely the emotions you are guaranteed to experience with our paradisaically beautiful Tropical Paradise designs.

Elegant designs

The richly coloured jewellery in this THOMAS SABO collection exude elegance and is reminiscent of a paradisiacal oasis full of expressive elements of nature. The designs inspired by the animal world in particular are expressive eye-catchers and captivate with authentic details and colourful gemstones set by hand.

Symbolic accessories

This jewellery collection combines the strong green of the jungle with the bright colours of the animals in symbolic accessories such as necklaces, rings and ear studs. Green symbolises fertility and growth as well as powerful serenity and regeneration. With the richly detailed pieces of jewellery in our Tropical Paradise collection, you can make these qualities your own.

Positive power of jewellery

It's not just jewellery from the animal world that exudes positive qualities; the lightness of our feather ring will also benefit you. The ring fits snugly around your finger and fascinates with its countless details and richly coloured gemstones. Our high-quality earrings made of 925 Sterling silver, inspired by modern art are another statement piece that radiates positive qualities. Accessorise any outfit with our Tropical Paradise collection and experience the impact the richly coloured jewellery has on you and the people around you.

Tatjana Kreuzmayr: The influencer presents her highlights of the new Rising Phoenix collection

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Tatjana Kreuzmayr is one of the biggest influencers in Austria. In 2018, she was awarded the MADONNA Blogger Award “Influencer of the Year”. She shares daily posts with her followers on the topics of fashion, lifestyle and travelling. In an exclusive interview, the trend-setter presents her favourite pieces from the new THOMAS SABO Autumn/Winter collection and reveals her styling tips.  

Finding out your ring size is so easy!

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