Valentine's Day 2020: Giving love in the form of jewellery!

    On no other day can you express your deep appreciation and affection for your closest confidants as skilfully as on the day of love.
    Discover all the jewels for Valentine's Day

    From 469 to 1969, the Church officially celebrated St. Valentine's Day, in memory of St. Martyr Valentinus, until the holiday was removed from the Roman general calendar 51 years ago. Nevertheless, the Day of Love is still an event on which many lovers say yes to each other and countless chocolate and flower shops apparently achieve the largest turnover of the year.

    Royale Gifts

    However, before you get into a hectic rush and rush into town to find a suitable gift for your loved one in good time, you should make yourself comfortable and instead stroll through our online shop and discover stylish presents in the THOMAS SABO Magic Garden. Here you will find colourful pieces of jewellery and chic accessories for woman AND man - or, to put it more accurately, for your king or queen. Because THOMAS SABO offers you royal treasures such as the 750 yellow gold-plated crown ring with bright stone colours, which is a playful, majestic design. The signature piece in a rocky skull design, on the other hand, is a suitable accessory for masculine styles - the pendant is symbolic of power and strength. A piece of jewellery that attracts all eyes with its rebellious attitude. Just like the crown ring made of 925 sterling silver, which is elaborately decorated with fine stones and expresses in every detail: I'm a Queen!

    ring crown gold
    pendant "Skull crown"
    ring "crown"

    Infinite love

    But you can also go a step further and say quite clearly with our THOMAS SABO Infinity chain with Coin that your love is destined for infinity - with such a meaningful present, every heart in love will probably melt away. So capture it (symbolically) by giving your beloved one a refined heart pendant with an arabesque cut-out, which contains another small ❤️ heart made of 750 rose gold plating - a very special gift.

    necklace "Infinity disc"
    pendant "heart medallion pavé"

    Growing love & time in love

    Equally special are the THOMAS SABO pieces from our 'Tree of Love' series, with which you symbolically demonstrate that your love for one another will grow together. To do this, reach for the signet ring, which will be your husband's energetic companion throughout life and, above all, will always lead him to you. As an additional style highlight, your husband will radiate strength and balance with the shiny polished ring. As a counterpart to this, you should choose the golden pendant with elaborate cut-outs, which has been decorated with synthetic-red corundum as well as glass-ceramic stones. Inspired by tropical colour accents, this piece of jewellery promises a happy future with your loved one - a period in your life where the romantic time should never end. To help you see how many precious moments you share, our designers have created a simple, stylish stainless steel watch with hands that will beat to the beat of your loving heart.

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    If you would like to discover even more THOMAS SABO jewellery, then take a look at one of our stores near you or scroll through our online shop. And once you've wrapped yourself in our unique accessories, you're welcome to take a photo of yourself, then post it on your social media profile and tag us at @thomassabo.

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