The Magic of RITA ORA
As global ambassador of the lifestyle brand, Rita will inspire with her looks featuring THOMAS SABO mixed and matched in her own personal way. #RITAORAxTS
Be inspired by her favourite looks!
Rita Ora Look: Magic Garden Apple Snake
Rita Ora Look: Magic Summer Aqua Stones
Rita Ora Look: Magic Garden
Rita Ora Look: Wheel of Fortune
Rita Ora Look: Magic Stones
Rita Ora Look: Magic Stars
The Magic of Rita Ora
Rita Ora is the global testimonial of THOMAS SABO. Read all about our collaboration with the singer in our online magazine.
New Collection Launch Event
Rita Ora has officially announced the two-year cooperation with us – find all highlights about the cooperation in our magazine.

International star Rita Ora is the global brand ambassador for THOMAS SABO

The global star Rita Ora is the new face of THOMAS SABO! With a strong message and her unique, creative and individual style mix, Rita Ora represents our multi-faceted jewellery and watch innovations:

“Jewellery that makes me feel special is usually something that was either given to me by somebody or that I know has a history.” – Rita Ora, THOMAS SABO brand ambassador

The Magic of Rita Ora meets The Magic of Jewellery

Jewellery is so much more than a shiny precious metal. It is part of our personal expression, emphasises our unique individuality and highlights special occasions in our lives. Our memories of an occasion are linked with a piece of jewellery, which acquires a very special, ideal value. Jewellery contains a special magic, which captivates us when wearing the piece and gives us strength.

“I am thrilled about my cooperation with THOMAS SABO. For me, jewellery is part of my life. It holds memories of the past, present and future and allows me to liven up my style. THOMAS SABO designs inspire with their diversity and really make every woman happy" – Rita Ora, THOMAS SABO brand ambassador

Rita Ora recreates the DNA of THOMAS SABO

Rita Ora inspires people all over the world with her very own magic and has reinvented herself several times. She believes that every woman can take her life into her own hands, be strong and live as she sees fit - regardless of current conventions, social circumstances or prejudices. “Every person has a signature style. Just some people don’t know it yet.” – Rita Ora, global brand ambassador for THOMAS SABO

“Rita Ora's self-confident appearance, her authenticity and passion for realising her own dreams make her a trendsetter for a global community - characteristics that perfectly underline the vision of THOMAS SABO jewellery”, Thomas Sabo, the company founder, talking about Rita Ora.

Rita Ora and THOMAS SABO know no limits – and you?

We are enchanted by Rita Ora and her energy. Hardly any other artist is as authentic, genuine and passionate as she is. Rita Ora embodies strength and passion. She pursues her dreams with a unique, creative and individual awareness of styles and presence, perfectly underlining the brand awareness of THOMAS SABO.

“I like things that have stories. Sometimes you can create a story with something new and sometimes it already kind of feels like it has that energy.” – Rita Ora, THOMAS SABO brand ambassador

Rita Ora and THOMAS SABO jewellery as companions

There is a story behind every piece of jewellery. No matter whether we have treated ourselves to it or received it as a gift from a loved one - we associate strong emotions with our jewellery. It accompanies us in our everyday life, completes our outfits and brings its radiance and glamour into our lives.

“I like glitz, I like glam, I like colours, I like shine!” – Rita Ora, THOMAS SABO brand ambassador

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