Jewellery with meaning

The THOMAS SABO talismans pay tribute to folklore, tradition and mythology. Each has its own narrative and energy.

Symbols of love & friendship
Tree of Love
Infinity of Love
Lucky charms for happiness & security
Signs of faith & strength
hand of Fatima
Infinity symbols, good luck charms and stunning talismans

Inspired by ancient and modern cultures and symbolism, the THOMAS SABO’s jewellery collection features an array of wonderful talismans and amulets, said to be protective symbols and to bring good luck to the wearer. They represent anything from love and friendship to faith and strength. Discover heart pendants, good luck charms, cross necklaces, earrings and ring with infinity symbols, beads and many more beautiful jewellery designs with a strong meaning. Elegantly crafted from 925 Sterling silver, complete with 18k yellow or rose gold plating, these expressive talismans serve as a constant reminder of your beliefs and represent the balance of your inner strength. Good luck charms and protective symbols also make the perfect gifts for loved ones reaching a milestone or embarking on a new life adventure.

Your very own good luck charms make the cutest talismans

Is a loved one about to take important exams? Is your best friend off on new travels?  Is a loved one in need of a little bit of luck? THOMAS SABO pays homage to traditional talismans with iconic Charm Club pieces such as the four-leaf clover charm, the horseshoe charm and the Evil Eye, all being reinterpreted into the perfect amulets that bring both good luck and protect the wearer from evil. Wear these good luck charms on your favourite Charm Club bracelet or necklace to complete the look.

Symbolise special bonds with love & friendship talismans

Show a loved one how much you care with pieces from the heart: infinity symbols, heart pendants, tree of life jewellery and many more amulets symbolising your deepest feelings. The tree of life jewellery from the Tree of Love range symbolises a bond that is strong and can’t be broken and the foundations of a profound relationship. It serves as a protective symbol for family members, as it symbolises the family tree.  
For the love of your life, Mum, a sister or a best friend: a heart necklace or a jewellery piece featuring the infinity symbol says how much you love them much better than words!

Radiate positive energy with amulets that symbolise Faith and Strength

Tap into your spiritual side with symbols such as the Hamsa Hand, the anchor and the cross pendant: all designs that celebrate faith and strength. The Hamsa Hand also known as Fatima’s Hand is a protective symbol said to keep evil away, representing wisdom and faith. The guardian angel represents purity, and the cross pendant, as seen in our Royalty range, is a catwalk trend fit for a queen!