For the gram: How to get the best jewellery snaps on social media

    Discover how to get the perfect pic of your THOMAS SABO jewellery, just like your favourite influencers!

    Let us set the scene: You’ve just purchased a stunning piece of jewellery and you can’t wait to share it with your family and friends on the gram. But how should you showcase your pieces in order to get the best results? Here are some things to consider:

    1. Your outfit
    2. The Location
    3. Perspective & exposure
    4. Still-life shots
    5. Post-processing

    1. Your Outfit

    Choose the right clothes that set the scene for your jewellery, just like blogger Christina Biluca. She uses dark colours to offset her colourful jewellery, making the jewels the star of the show!

    The Location

    Taking images outside and in nature really brings the jewellery to life. During an outdoor shoot, influencer Sarah was all about the details as she wore her THOMAS SABO earrings, rings and more.

    Tip: Blurring out the background in portrait mode will still incorporate the natural elements of the great outdoors, whilst capturing the details of your jewellery.

    3. Perspective & exposure

    Model and actor Ludo skilfully features his jewellery in such a way that all pieces are on show and by using the natural outdoor light, the details of the jewellery also stand out.

    1.  Position your jewellery towards the camera   

    2.  Make sure your jewellery isn’t covered by clothing

    4. Still-life Shots

    If you want to show the jewellery in all its glory, the best way to do this is with a still-life shot. The best stills are taken on a simple background with pieces playfully layered next to one another.

    Tip: Choose contrasting colours for the background and the jewellery, to show the full beauty of the pieces.

    5. Post-processing

    Fine-tune your photo with the right finishing touches. Download your favourite photo-editing app and adjust the exposure, shadow, contrast, black point, colours and brightness. If necessary, add a filter to match your aesthetics. It’s important to note that what is most important above all is the quality of the image.   

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