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Stunning small hoop earrings for women

Small hoop earrings are a must-have in your jewellery casket. Whether you have them in gold, silver or rose-gold, with their classic circular form these tiny hoop earrings provide an effortlessly chic element in your look. Due to their typical circular form fitting snugly around the earlobe, they are also called huggies.

What sizes are small hoop earrings?

Compared to the bold and delightful, normal sized hoop earrings, petite hoop earrings typically are smaller and most of the time have a diameter below 20 mm. That makes them also very light in weight and comfortable to wear. Because these earrings flatter most face shapes and give a subtle delicate highlight to your everyday wear, it is the ideal size for many people. However, the earrings look especially good on people with a small face or with medium or short hair as the jewellery emphasizes and creates a charming balance to their individual physics and features.

Which small hoop earrings are popular?

Small hoop earrings continue to be in-style. Get now inspired by our large selection and express that way your individuality and creativity. Every jewellery piece is made of high-quality 925 Sterling silver and is designed to make you feel confident and stylish every time you put your small hoop earrings on. You can wear several hoops at once, mix various sizes and textures or use them as a piercing on the top of the ear or on the ear canal. Whether you look for something simple and classic, with colourful stones or combined with pendants, we have what suits you best.

Small hoop earrings are the ideal companions for your everyday looks. They stay subtle but still emphasise your style. To create special looks or make a statement, you can combine your small hoop earrings with necklaces with eye-catching pendants. Whatever the occasion, whatever the colour and whatever the design – in our THOMAS SABO online shop you will find tiny hoop earrings to suit your taste and look.