Necklace pendants by THOMAS SABO: Multi-faceted combination partners

The necklace pendants for women fascinate with their extraordinary compositions and high-quality material. Whether with simple designs, detailed ornamentations, or meaningful symbols – with these special jewellery creations you can underline your style every day in a new way. Choose from classical icons such as heart or cross pendants, lucky charms in various shapes or artistically decorated trees of love. Especially the chain pendants inspired by the animal world and nature impress with their lively-looking depictions. With the valuably crafted THOMAS SABO pendants you will set a statement at any time or occasion.

Necklace pendants for women: High-quality ladies jewellery

No matter if you decide on big THOMAS SABO pendants or small filigree arrangements – the stylish ornaments score points with elaborate designs and are accurately handcrafted. Our necklace pendants for women are made of 925 Sterling silver and some arrangements are covered with a high-quality 18k yellow or rose gold plating. These blend harmoniously into the familiar design language of the THOMAS SABO jewellery collection, which is why they can be perfectly combined with earrings, bracelets, and rings for women. Individualise your THOMAS SABO basic chains and bracelets for women in a new way by using our pendants for women. You can wear these in many different ways to create your own personal look.

Some of the compositions from the world of necklace pendants for women are TS EXCLUSIVE and only available in the THOMAS SABO online-shop and in THOMAS SABO stores.

Fascinating selection: THOMAS SABO pendants for women

A firework of colours offers you handcrafted necklace pendants for women, which are decorated with zirconia-, glass-ceramic stones imitation turquoise, pearls, or other high-quality gemstones. These can be hooked onto necklaces in 925 Sterling silver or 18k yellow or rose gold necklaces. The classic pendant-designs shine in white or black. Extravagant creations come in fashionable blue, precious green or feminine rose-colour. No matter which ornament: You will find a matching THOMAS SABO pendant necklace to go with it. The intensive shining stones will draw attention especially to symbolical and mystical pendants.

The artistical arrangements impress with detailed shapes and multifaceted motifs:

  • Exciting animals: Animalistic figurines in handcrafted perfection fascinate in three-dimensional appearances.
  • Meaningful symbols: Keys, crosses or hearts on pendant necklaces stand for special moments or can be worn as valuable lucky charms.
  • The power of the elements: Pendants inspired by nature such as the Tree of Love or filigree flower arrangements, which shine in bright colours.

Within the THOMAS SABO necklace pendants, you can find simple versions which easily become eye-catchers – whether in combination with further jewellery or with a custom-made pendant necklace. Create individual pendants by engraving initials, numbers, dates, or symbols.

Gift-ideas with meaningful symbols: Women’s pendants for necklaces

Present our unique necklace pendants for women as a gift to your best friend, your mother, or your partner. An amulet with a deep symbolic meaning reflects the personal relationship between two people.

Or you can give a present to yourself with one of the elaborate necklace pendants for women. Let the pendant which means most to you speak for itself. This can either be a birthstone charm and pendant for good luck or a design from the world of flora and fauna to express your love for nature or your personality.