For years, global thinking has been a matter of course at THOMAS SABO - and not just with regard to our production and materials procurement. We are therefore working to bring about long-term improvements for people and the environment in all our operating processes.
At the company headquarters
Our company headquarters, completed in 2016 in Lauf an der Pegnitz, stands for a working environment that is as environmentally friendly as possible - we are proud of this. In everyday operations, we use geothermal energy for heating and cooling processes. In addition, precipitation water is collected and recycled through our rainwater recovery system.
In production
As a medium-sized company, choosing the right production partners is very important to us. In addition to adhering to ethical standards, we ensure that production is as resource-efficient as possible.
Responsible Jewellery Council
THOMAS SABO is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). The certification raises awareness of our responsibility and our respect for society and the environment as part of our corporate actions in accordance with the international standards of the OECD: in business partnerships, in our relationship with our customers and also as a compass guiding all employees.
The company values
THOMAS SABO's corporate management is value-oriented and we pursue strict compliance with globally applicable ethical standards along our entire supply chain. Fair and cooperative collaboration with partners as well as respectful and trusting interaction with one another are at the forefront of our corporate culture. To guarantee this, we have a clear internal guideline as well as a code of conduct for our suppliers. Compliance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is particularly important to us.
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Stores & Logistics
For our worldwide logistics and in our stores, we prefer to use environmentally friendly materials. For example, we only use cardboard boxes and plastic-free paper with FSC certification, thus supporting responsible forest management.
Recycled Sterling silver
In our jewellery production, a filter system is used to collect recyclable excess Sterling silver, that is re-melted then reused to produce new high-quality THOMAS SABO designs. The professional collection and disposal of heavy metals during processing is of paramount importance in order to protect the water cycle in the long term.
The mobility concept
At the THOMAS SABO headquarters in Lauf an de Pegnitz, we offer a comprehensive mobility concept, which includes an internal carpooling service and discounted VAG tickets for public transport, that is used by 7.3 percent of our employees. We also offer a bicycle leasing scheme which is used by 5.3 percent of our employees.