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For years, responsible thinking has been a matter of course at THOMAS SABO – both in terms of our production and materials procurement and in our corporate management. This value-oriented approach applies to our entire supply chain and strictly adheres to globally applicable ethical standards. It is out of respect for people and the environment that we constantly strive to optimise all of our operating processes.
Recycled precious metals

At THOMAS SABO, we make sure you can wear our jewellery with a clear conscience. To ensure our jewellery designs are ethically sound, we source all precious metals responsibly, including our iconic 925 Sterling silver, and only work with certified production partners.

In addition to this, we collect all precious metals recovered from the production process, plus all irreparable jewellery – from our stores and from the THOMAS SABO workshop at our headquarters in Lauf an der Pegnitz in Germany. These valuable resources are then recycled by certified refineries in Germany. Through this process, we are able to reclaim new, ultra-pure fine silver and fine gold, which we use to produce new designs in 925 Sterling silver and for gold plating. This process helps us to minimise our CO2 emissions, water consumption and other environmental impacts from manufacturing.

Durability and longevity
THOMAS SABO stands for premium quality and for jewellery that will last for years. Our commitment to this begins with high-quality materials and timeless design, and continues with our in-house workshop in Lauf an der Pegnitz. Our team of nearly 20 goldsmiths and watchmakers ensures that your favourite pieces of jewellery and watches are repaired with expert care. This extends the life cycle of our designs by many years, thereby conserving resources and protecting the environment.
Sustainable packaging
Once you have chosen your piece of jewellery, you will always receive it in an FSC-certified bag or box from THOMAS SABO, which helps support forest management. To achieve this, we use a mixture of raw materials from FSC-certified forests plus recycled paper and material from controlled sources. Our goal is to avoid and reduce emissions wherever we can. By continuously reducing the use of poly bags and switching to fully recycled packaging and shipping materials in the future, we are striving to make our jewellery shipping methods more efficient and kinder to the environment.
RJC certification

THOMAS SABO is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). This is the world’s leading organisation for setting standards in the jewellery and watch industry and is recognised for its commitment to responsible business practices.

This certification demonstrates our awareness of ethical principles and corporate policies as well as an environmentally sound business policy that complies with human rights. All of our business practices – from supply chains to our own stores to our headquarters’ central operating processes – were successfully audited by an independent external auditor in accordance with the RJC Code of Practices 2019.

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Climate-friendly headquarters

Built in 2016, we are proud to say that our corporate headquarters is committed to providing the most environmentally-friendly working environment possible. The heating and cooling processes in our day-to-day operations are run using geothermal energy. Plus we collect and recycle rainwater through our rainwater recovery facility. Moreover, we have our own water circulation system, which guarantees that our drinking water is fully protected from any residues from the workshop.

At THOMAS SABO, we offer our employees a comprehensive mobility concept. This includes an internal carpooling service, discounted VAG tickets for public transport and a bicycle leasing scheme.

Would you like to support our sustainable production process? If so, we’d be delighted if you brought in your THOMAS SABO jewellery to us, either to be repaired or to be used for recycling. Talk to a member of staff at a store near you. We’ll be happy to help.