Repair service

We hope that you are completely satisfied with your THOMAS SABO products.

However, if a product has a defect, you can send it to our in-house workshop for repair.

In advance as a small note for you, a repair can take about 4-6 weeks from the time it is accepted.

If you would like to use our repair service, you can hand over the defective piece of jewellery at all THOMAS SABO own stores (except THOMAS SABO Outlets.) or send it directly to us.

If you would like to return defective goods directly to us for repair, please proceed as follows:

  1. Fill in the service form and note the return reason as well as the return quantity.
  2. Place the goods to be returned as well as the service form in the package and pack it safely.
  3. If the item was not purchased through our online shop, please enclose a copy of the purchase receipt. This is used to check the warranty claim.
  4. Drop off package at your nearest post office or with a service shipping provider of your choice.
  5. Please return your items by registered mail to the following address:


- Retoure -

Silberstraße 1

91207 Lauf


  1. Please keep the shipping receipt well for any queries. (We accept no liability for damage, loss or theft during transport.)

Further important information:

  • Defective THOMAS SABO pieces of jewellery that are not covered by the warranty or warranty claim shall be repaired at your own expense, subject to the discretion and judgement of THOMAS SABO GmbH & Co. KG.
  • Please note that we can only provide a repair service if we can restore the item back to it's original perfect condition, therefore all necessary spare parts will need to be available in order to execute the repair successfully.
    We are unable to accept items for repair where third-party repairs have been attempted/completed and this includes items with adjustments or amendments to the original design.
  • We have a supply of stones and other components for the repair of items from older collections. However, we are not able to guarantee the replacement of all parts.
  • We reserve the right to replace items if repairs are disproportionate or not possible anymore. Please note that an exchange can only be made for the same item.
  • THOMAS SABO does not have fixed repair prices. You will receive a non-binding quote and can then decide whether and which repairs should be carried out.
  • Please note that costs for the return of the jewellery may apply in addition to the repair costs. These may apply even if you do not opt to have the repair carried out.