My Jewellery has tarnished, what can I do?

The tarnishing of silver is a normal and natural process. The jewellery absorbs skin particles, perfume, cosmetics, etc. and also oxidises over time due to the sulphur in our air. This causes the silver to turn in a brownish colour. This is a natural reaction (which occurs also in gold jewellery), which is not due to a lack of quality.

Please note that THOMAS SABO jewellery is not rhodium-plated. There are some basic rules that you should follow in order for you to enjoy your precious and beautiful pieces of jewellery as long as possible. You can read about these in details under the section named Caring instructions about our Jewellery.

Furthermore, THOMAS SABO offers an exclusive restoration service. We intensively clean and polish the jewellery. Restoration treatment is carried out within our in-house jewelry workshop. For more information see restoration service.