What is Click & Reserve?

Our ‘Click & Reserve’ service offers you the chance to reserve the products you want online and then conveniently pick them up in a THOMAS SABO Store near you.

On the product detail page, choose the colour and size of the piece of jewellery you want to reserve. Then click on the ‘Check in-store availability’ link. Then enter the desired city or postcode – the THOMAS SABO Store near you that offer the ‘Click & Reserve’ service and have the items in stock will then be displayed.

  • How long will my jewellery be reserved?

We usually reserve your jewellery for the following three days. However, please refer to the e-mail sent to you by the THOMAS SABO Store for the exact date as soon as the staff have put the products back for you.

  • Can I reserve a product in a larger quantity?

The basic rule applies: Each variant of a product can only be reserved once. For example, if you want to reserve the exact same ring in the same size and colour, this will not work. However, you are welcome to reserve the ring in two sizes or in two colours – and then decide in the store.

  • Can I also make a reservation with my jeweller?

No, this is unfortunately not possible. The 'Click & Reserve' function can only be used for selected THOMAS SABO Stores.

  • Can I cancel or adjust my reservation in the store?

If you don't like the product you reserved, you can simply leave it in the store and of course you don't have to buy it. Also, if you find that a different size fits you better or you like another piece of jewellery better, simply change your reservation in the store!

  • Can I save my reservation list and send it at a later date?

Yes, that’s possible. However, you must be logged in to do so. Then the items that you have added to your as yet unsent reservation list will be automatically saved for you. The next time you log in, you can view your reservation list in your account, add further jewellery designs if you wish and then reserve the jewellery pieces together.