Immerse yourself in a world of sparkling elements inspired by nature and experience the magic emanating from our designs. With Magic Garden Charms you can create your own multi-faceted garden of jewellery and enhance all your looks.
Sparkling designs
Opt for nature-inspired designs and feel the symbolic power of colourful flowers and detailed flying artists that are guaranteed to have a positive effect on your radiance and looks.
Colourful Charm highlights
Our richly coloured flowers, butterflies and dragonflies in the form of finely crafted Charms will enhance all your looks and exude a special liveliness.
Opal-coloured stone
The THOMAS SABO gemstone shimmers in different shades of pink and the opalescent radiance exudes a glamorous freshness.
Experience the symbolic power
Each artistically designed masterpiece in this Collection possesses its very own symbolism, which is individually transmitted to its wearer and at the same time radiates vitality.
Dragon fly necklace with rose-gold stones
The filigree necklace with dragonfly pendant is decorated with sparkling gemstones in pastel shades. Whether worn solo or combined with other necklaces in the en-vogue layering look – an eye-catcher for every style.
EUR 149,00
Magic Garden