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Pendant classic from the  collection in the THOMAS SABO online store Pendant classic from the  collection in the THOMAS SABO online store
Pendant cross from the  collection in the THOMAS SABO online store Pendant cross from the  collection in the THOMAS SABO online store
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Unique pendants for men at THOMAS SABO

THOMAS SABO's men's pendant necklaces are distinguished by their creative designs and intricate workmanship. Superior materials are hand-crafted with great attention to detail to produce jewellery with a characteristic masculine look. The collection includes classic and minimalist designs as well as more opulent and distinctive pendants for stronger personalities – there is sure to be a design to suit every style in the THOMAS SABO range of pendants for men. Discover the extraordinary works of art to wear on a men's chain from the home of THOMAS SABO.

Exceptional quality silver and gold pendant necklaces for men

To ensure that they will be worn for many years to come, THOMAS SABO pendants for men are crafted from high-quality 925 Sterling silver, blackened in many designs for a more rebellious statement. The collection also includes warm 750 yellow gold-plated pendants for men, lending them a more opulent and elegant look. Sparkling black zirconia stones and hand-faceted gemstones adorn some designs, beautifully enhancing the Sterling silver and gold-plated designs. Elaborate reliefs, fine engraving lines and three-dimensional designs bring the individual pieces of men's jewellery to life. A matching men's necklaces sets off the pendant to best advantage. Wear different lengths of men's necklaces with or without pendants, or teamed with a men’s initial chain for a cool layered look and to make a style statement.

Men's pendants: highly symbolic statement jewellery

THOMAS SABO's men's chain necklaces with pendants are more than just jewellery. Many of the carefully selected motifs carry deep symbolism. Every pendant for men therefore has a personal meaning and symbolism that the wearer is expressing to the outside world. The following symbols are available:

  • Skulls: they underline the rebellious rock star in you, expressing freedom, domination, and strength. The mystical iconic motif is a timeless fashion statement, embodying grandeur and exuding a powerful radiance.
  • Crosses: a powerful motif that gives the wearer a feeling of inner power. It is an important image in a religious context, as well as a powerful symbol of hope.
  • Swords: a symbol of justice, swords are of great importance beyond simply in heroic narratives. They also exude a certain magical power when worn as a pendant for men.
  • Compasses: a compass always shows the right way and provides support in difficult times. Many sailors had compasses tattooed on their skin to show them the safe way home. Expressing hope and happiness, a compass pendant for men is also a very symbolic talisman.
  • Animal motifs: the design team at THOMAS SABO has also sought inspiration from the animal world for its unique creations. Tigers, dragons or panthers bring out the wilder side of your man, symbolising courage, bravery and honour.

Rebel at heart: the collection for the rock star in your man

THOMAS SABO jewellery for men is sure to wow you with its rebellious and wild designs. The Rebel at heart collection is characterised by powerful symbols expressing strength, courage, and self-awareness, including skulls, crosses, swords or stone pendants. THOMAS SABO's Sterling silver and gold-plated men's pendants for necklaces are intricately hand-crafted with great attention to detail. The rebellious-styled pieces are produced by a unique design code and the most exacting quality of metalworking. Give the special man in your life a gift of these superior silver and gold pendants for men and bring to life the rock star in your man.