Dragon jewellery paying tribute to Asian mythology

Asian theme mixed with the colourfulness of the hippy culture and ethnic influences are the inspiration behind THOMAS SABO’s dragon jewellery collection, Dragon Nights. The collection interprets amulets and symbols from Far Eastern mythology, such as the Chinese Dragon, and combines them with the spirit of freedom of the 1970’s. The result is expressive jewellery items that are as decorative as they are symbolic and also stand out because of their XL size. The collection of around 70 items made of 925 Sterling silver, partly finished with 18k rose-gold plating, is completely handcrafted and demonstrates the highest artistry in terms of jewellery.

The statement Dragon pendant, key piece of the collection

Feathered Chinese dragon heads and intertwined ornaments define the exclusive Dragon Nights collection. The extra-large 3-D dragon pendant encrusted with multi-coloured stones is the key piece among the other dragon jewellery pieces. Every design within the high-end dragon jewellery collection shows the affinity of THOMAS SABO with Far Eastern mythology, combined with highest level of jewellery craftmanship that the brand is known for internationally. Colourful enamel inlays emphasise the Asian theme and provide a special significance thanks to the intensity of the hues.

Making a statement: The Great Blessing amulet

The elaborate workmanship is also reflected in the Great Blessing amulet, decorated with intricate patterns and colourful enamel, also appearing on pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and bangles through to filigree beads. The enamel inlay work has been beautifully added to each piece using traditional techniques. The opulence of adornments, provided by magnificent stone embellishment with bezel or pavé setting, makes the jewellery items really sparkle. Along with the other dragon jewellery designs, the statement earrings and the large Chinese dragon single ear studs become real it-pieces that will make you stand out from the crowd.

The Chinese dragon as a sign of happiness, and the Shou sign of the great blessing as a symbol of long life which adorns iconic THOMAS SABO designs, are highly symbolic key pieces within the range.