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Express yourself: THOMAS SABO charm necklaces to create your individual style

Life is full of moments you want to remember forever. THOMAS SABO charm necklaces let you carry these memorable moments with you day after day. Choose your silver or golden charm necklace and add your highly symbolic charms, your perfect memories: ‘wow’ effect guaranteed. Perhaps a charm reminds you of someone special in your life, a favourite place, or a symbolic event. The charms’ strong lobster clasp fastens them securely to the charm necklace, letting you combine and swap them as your mood changes. Is your favourite a minimalist design in warm 750 yellow gold or rosé gold-plating or a distinctive link chain – the wide range of charm necklaces makes it easy to create your perfect, individual look. The perfect complement: charm carriers to integrate into the chains – stylish attachments for your symbolic charms.

Explore the charming world: there are myriad ways of combining THOMAS SABO charm pendant necklaces

Express yourself and tell your own fascinating story with the Charm Club jewellery collection. The collection of THOMAS SABO Charms includes traditional symbols of love and friendship, such as hearts, stars and clover leaves, animals and other symbols of Nature, and the landmarks of well-known places. Create initial or letter charm necklaces to convey a secret message to someone. Fastened to the charm necklaces, they become eye-catching symbols that tell a story unique to you. Available in a range of adjustable lengths, combine the necklaces beautifully to create an individual look. This provides even more opportunities to design your look and enjoy changing your style to suit your mood. THOMAS SABO's fine charm necklaces are perfect for creating a layered look with single or multiple charms. Distinctive link chains are statement pieces, dressing up an outfit, worn singly or with several different collectable charms. Carriers enhance the product range.

  • Minimalist yet glistening: 925 Sterling silver carriers are the ideal addition to graceful, feminine THOMAS SABO charm necklaces. They accentuate the simplicity of the necklaces, highlighting the charms that express your message. The range includes yellow gold or rosé gold-plated designs to combine with the charm necklaces – either in a matching shade of gold or in an on-trend two-tone look. The choice is yours!
  • Sparkling: carriers with hand-set stone and zirconia embellishments are the perfect choice for glittering evening looks. Team them with minimalist or sparkling charms. Whichever you choose, these pieces simply exude glamour and sophistication. The glistening carriers also underline the precious meaning of the charms they carry.
  • Edgy: blackened 925 Sterling silver carriers convey an edgier, rebellious side to your personality. Perfect for attaching to woven leather or blackened 925 Sterling silver charm necklaces, and perfect for rock-chick or festival-inspired Boho styles.

Stylishly combine THOMAS SABO charm necklaces

Tell your own story: the charms in the Charm Club collection are more than just jewellery accessories. They allow you to express your personality and unleash your creativity. And the beauty of THOMAS SABO charm necklaces is that there is no limit to how you combine them. Add to your charm collection to suit your mood and combine existing charms with new charms for a totally new look. Individual or layered? Why not wear THOMAS SABO Charm Club necklacesindividually as a statement piece one day, and then layer them the next day, overlaying different necklaces and charms. A new look every day. Or mix & match different lengths of necklaces – teaming a 45 cm chain with a 70 cm necklace chain? Matching or contrasting earrings or fine-bracelets set off the charm necklaces beautifully. For unique and individual looks that make a statement, express your personality, or tell your very own personal story.