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Fire, Air, Earth, Water: THOMAS SABO has combined the four elements of nature in a distinctive jewellery series.
Rugged look
Nature-inspired designs exude a deep symbolism and add a masculine touch to your stylings.
Stylish efficacy
Experience the power of meaningful jewellery and highlight your personality in style.
Inspired by the power of the elements, these pieces symbolise a spirit of adventure and connection with nature. The creations will enchant you with details such as the two-tone look and hand-set onyx and tiger's eye appliqués.
Carpe diem
The passage of time is unstoppable, seize the day. The stylised hourglass in the jewellery reminds us to live life now. Textured surfaces embody rugged stone landscapes and emphasise the masculine look of the series.
Silver elements of nature ring
The powerful design of this signet ring reflects the four elements theory and its significance for the signs of the zodiac.
EUR 198,00 - EUR 219,00
Elements of Nature