Rose quartz: meaning, effect and usage

As a solitaire or combined with other stones – this stone with its exceptional milky, pinkish colour exudes a magical charm that captivates its observers. In THOMAS SABO’s designs it unfolds its beauty as the centre piece of cocktail rings, cross pendants’ and ear studs’ sparkling stone embellishment or as faceted beads for gemstone bracelets. The soft pink stone has fascinated people in many ways for hundreds of years and is also known for its meaning for healing arts, astrology, and chakra teachings. The stone arises at high heat and therefore stands for big emotions and its positive effects on the heart – both physically and spiritually. Due to its special colour and milky transparency, it is also a popular gemstone.

Rose quartz – a stone with a unique colour palette

The soft pinkish stone is a variant of the quartz mineral but is now considered an independent quartz in mineralogy. Amethyst, rock crystal, citrine and agate also form part of the group. A significant characteristic of the rose quartz is its milky colour, which is why it is also referred to as rose red milky quartz.


Further properties:

  • shell-like, uneven surface
  • not fissile
  • glass-like glow
  • translucent to opaque transparent
  • colour depends on the metals constrained like iron, titanium, and manganese
  • single crystals are visible
  • Inclusions of fine dumortierite needles can create a visible star when rose quartz crystals are polished; a so-called asterism

Rose quartz possesses a Mohs hardness level of 6,5 to 7 and is therefore not a precious stone. Stones can be defined as the latter if they have a Mohs hardness level of at least 7. Therewith, the rose quartz can be defined as a gemstone or semi-precious stone.


About the rose quartz’ origin

Among others, this stone can be found in Namibia, Madagascar, India, and Brazil. It is extracted by big blocks. There are also deposits in Europe, for example in Finland, England, Ireland and Portugal.

Rose quartz is a mineral of magmatic origin that is formed by hot, liquid rock in cavities. In most cases, rose quartz can be found with pegmatites. The latter is a coarse-grained, magmatic rock that quartz crystals, beryl and rare earths can be extracted from.


What are the characteristics and effects of rose quartz?

Just like many other precious stones and semi-precious stones, rose quartz is popular in the field of stone healing. It is said to reinforce certain qualities in people. These include:

  • sensitivity
  • self-acceptance
  • romanticism
  • affection
  • connection
  • trust
  • openness
  • empathy
  • harmony

Besides its positive effects on mental health, rose quartz is also said to positively affect the body. It is said to increase blood circulation and boost heart health. It is also widely used as a massage roller and Gua-Sha stone. Furthermore, the pink quartz ought to promote sleep since it is said to have a calming effect. It is supposed to relieve symptoms like headaches and to improve one’s overall wellbeing. Yet, neither the physical nor the mental effects the rose quartz apparently has are scientifically proven.

What zodiac sign does rose quartz represent?

Amethyst, rock crystal, obsidian, lapis lazuli and other stones are considered astrological birthstones. The rose quartz is attributed to the zodiac signs pisces, taurus and cancer. You belong to the latter if you have been born between February 20 and March 20, between April 21 and May 20, and between June 22 and July 22.

The pinkish stone is not only a birthstone for specific zodiac signs. It also plays a big role in terms of accentuating a zodiac sign’s positive characteristics or balancing their flaws. For this reason, the rose quartz is many zodiac signs’ lucky stone.


Rose quartz and its spiritual meaning: which chakra is the rose quartz connected with?

The doctrine of the seven chakras has its origin in India and revolves around the hidden energies in human bodies. It is many thousands of years old and forms a part of Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Buddhism and Hinduism. The word “chakra” describes a wheel, a disc or swirl, a circular movement. In the human body, seven of these energy and awareness centres do exist that are located in different areas.

  • root or base chakra: at the end of the spine
  • sacral chakra: a hand’s width below the belly button
  • solar plexus chakra or navel chakra: in the middle of the lumbar spine
  • heart chakra: in the middle of the thoracic spine, at the level of the heart
  • throat chakra: in the middle of the cervical spine
  • third eye chakra: between the eyebrows
  • crown chakra: at the top of the head

The rose quartz with its powers is attributed to the fourth chakra, the heart chakra. The associated characteristics are love, empathy and harmony and can help to restore the chakra’s balance.

The stone of love

In the Greek and Roman mythology, Eros respectively Cupid, the patron of love, gave humans rose quartz to gift them love and fertility. Ever since, rose quartz is considered the love stone. It ought to open the heart, heal relationship fears, settle disputes, and strengthen the bond between two people. For this reason, couples gift each other jewellery pieces with rose quartz. As the stone of love it is a proof of love, strong feelings and therefore a symbolic declaration of love.

It is not only the perfect gift for couples, but also for both parents and children. Rose quartz is also the perfect Mother’s Day gift , since it shows how much your mother means to you. THOMAS SABO offers a wide range of necklaces and bracelets made of stone beads as well as rings, earrings and pendants for women with the stone of love for these and many other occasions. Besides the symbolic pieces of jewellery our portfolio comprises timeless designs.

Also in case of heartbreak due to unrequited love or a separation, rose quartz jewellery can be a thoughtful gift.


Its use as a gemstone

Due to its exceptional colour and its feminine and delicate look, rose quartz is a very popular stone embellishment that decorates our jewellery for women. Its milky transparency is perfectly enhanced by a smooth finish, among these is the cabochon cut. If the stone is polished with an octagon or rose cut, the facets create a deep sparkle. THOMAS SABO loves to combine it with 925 Sterling silver , since it accentuates its milky look. On the other hand, our jewellery pieces with rose quartz and a 18k rose gold plating emphasize its pink shade. This results in very feminine and delicate designs.

Rose quartz is an important element of very different jewellery pieces:

  • necklaces
  • pendants
  • bracelets
  • rings
  • ear jewellery

You can also carry the pinkish quartz with you, for example as a tumble stone or donut in your pocket. This shape is also ideal if you want to put it below your pillow or on your nightstand. For these purposes, an unpolished rough stone is a great alternative and an attractive decoration object.

Cleaning and charging rose quartz stones

If you always take your stone with you, dust and dirt can build up on its surface and indentations. You can clean your rose quartz with clear, lukewarm water – preferably without any cleaning product. You can also use a toothbrush to remove stubborn dirt. Polished stones like tumble stones are easier to clean than rough stones due to their smooth surface.

You want to use your rose quartz as a healing stone? Then you should charge it after cleaning. This requires you to put your rose quartz on top of a group of rock crystals. Another way would be to charge your rose quartz in the sunlight, provided it is not too strong. The morning and evening sun would be best. If the sun exposure is too strong, it can discolour the pink quartz over time or its colour could fade.

Cleaning jewellery pieces with rose quartz

If your jewellery with the stone of love is made of 925 sterling silver, you should clean it regularly. The reason being that the precious metal can discolour due to oxidation processes. Numerous cleaning products are available to clean it properly. You can remove signs of discolouration from smooth surfaces like simple ring bands with a silver cleaning cloth. If the jewellery pieces are richly decorated, this is not the case. Then you should opt for a jewellery cleaning bath instead.

Please be careful with silver baths and other strong cleaning products: the rose quartz should not come into contact with them. If you are unsure, your jewellery with rose quartz can be cleaned professionally. For an additional fee, at THOMAS SABO we offer our customers a comprehensive treatment service. Thanks to the latter, your jewellery pieces with rose quartz will look like they’re brand new.