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Snake rings: jewellery with irresistible seductive power

The snake is an iconic symbol in THOMAS SABO’s design world and an integral part of our portfolio. Artfully and rich in detail, our snake rings wrap around your finger and look like realistic reptiles. You can choose between several unique designs with elaborate ornaments and hand-set stones, between snake rings in gold and silver.

High-quality materials stand for a special meaning

Every THOMAS SABO snake ring is artfully made of high-quality 925 Sterling silver. Designs in gold are gilded with high-carat 18k yellow gold. To create a realistic look, our snake rings boast a three-dimensional design with engraved lines and slightly blackened design elements. Hand-set stones in green, red, and black make the snake sparkle brightly. Gift and talisman – snake rings have a special meaning, since snakes are equated with wisdom, enlightenment, and immortality. Furthermore, it is regarded as a treasure keeper, stands for transformation and as one of the oldest animals on the planet for the past and history. A snake ring is therefore an excellent talisman and the perfect gift idea for your loved ones. The snake symbol was already widespread in ancient times and highly appreciated as jewellery for special occasions or a protective talisman. Choose your favourite Sterling silver snake ring as well as different designs such as the snake signet ring or plain band rings in our online shop

Expressive statement jewellery

If you wear a snake ring, you accentuate your personality and individual look. A writhing snake is an irresistible eyecatcher if you wear it on your index finger. Sleek designs are perfect for your ring finger – by themselves or combined with other rings. You can combine these extravagant pieces of jewellery with pendants for women that also come in the shape of a snake.