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With our golden jewellery highlights you can set sophisticated accents and achieve an elegant look - these highly symbolic designs are indispensable accessories to give your look a rebellious vibe.
Stylish masculinity
With gold-coloured elements representing vitality, the Collection emphasises the fashion-conscious masculinity of its wearers.
That certain styling extra
The expressive jewellery pieces in this Collection can be ideally combined with each other and give you a special appeal – giving your stylings that certain something extra.
18k gold plating
The high-quality THOMAS SABO designs made from 925 Sterling silver are coated several times with an 18k gold layer – giving the high quality jewellery a radiant look.
High quality jewellery series
Individual creations in yellow gold impress with detailed elements that have been precision handcrafted and radiate a unique high quality.
Royalty cross ring gold
The contrast between the matt polished onyx inlay and the sparkling cross of black zirconia stones and onyx attracts all eyes to it. The faceted zirconia stones are set by hand in a fine pavé technique.
EUR 199,00 - EUR 235,00
Golden Rebel