Charm pendant heart from the Charm Club collection in the THOMAS SABO online store Charm pendant heart from the Charm Club collection in the THOMAS SABO online store
Charm pendant heart from the Charm Club collection in the THOMAS SABO online store Charm pendant heart from the Charm Club collection in the THOMAS SABO online store

THOMAS SABO charms: Trendsetters start to live their passion for collecting

Collect your memories: Whether it’s your wedding proposal or an unforgettable vacation – these or other memorable moments can be worn symbolically on bracelets or necklaces with the THOMAS SABO charms. All of our preciously designed pendants represent memories, which tell personal stories when you wear them together.

The THOMAS SABO silver charms are made of 925 Sterling silver and are manufactured with many details. Some are additionally plated with an 18k yellow gold or rose gold plating. Sparkling zirconia or gemstones, all set by hand, decorate many of the detailed designs.

By using a lobster clasp, all our charms can be hooked onto THOMAS SABO charm club collectable bracelets or necklaces. This way, you can easily create individual combinations, which can be switched any time or supplemented with new matching ornaments whenever you want.

Create your own collection: The THOMAS SABO charms are symbols for special moments, favourite persons or for expressing your own personality and animate your passion for collecting.

THOMAS SABO charm pendants for love, friendship, special moments, and fashion

The THOMAS SABO charm club world fascinates with its impressive variety and beautiful designs:

  • Famous icons in miniature
  • Bright animals, which reflect happiness and optimism
  • Colourful fruits, which make you want to take a bite
  • Symbolic shapes, which represent your personal believes and creating your own lucky charm bracelet
  • Elegant letter charms with your very own personal meaning
  • Playful shapes and symbols that bring you joy
  • Signs of love, your personal hobby, cultures and special people

We complement the multifarious world of the THOMAS SABO charm club regularly with new items, with which you can add to your personal collection. This way, you can create unlimited combinations, offering you inspirations for new styling ideas.

THOMAS SABO pendant charms: gifts for loved ones

Whether you are thinking about faceted gemstones, three-dimensional depictions, or unadorned symbols – the dazzling charms are perfect mementoes. Furthermore, the meaningful THOMAS SABO charms made of 925 Sterling silver are excellent gift-ideas for favourite people on their birthday, wedding or for Valentine’s Day. Charm pendants representing butterflies, ladybugs, shamrocks, angels, and crosses will amaze young and old for events such as baptism, communion, or confirmation. If you are looking for a present for a new-born, pick out a THOMAS SABO gold or silver birthstone charm & pendant. If THOMAS SABO is new to your friends, present them with a THOMAS SABO charm bracelet to start a livelong collection. Engravable charms are very personal gifts. The THOMAS SABO heart charm, coins, and further elements can be engraved with individual symbols, initials, or numbers.

What are THOMAS SABO charms and what is the difference to beads?

The THOMAS SABO charms are pendants with a lobster clasp, with which they can be hooked onto charm bracelets or charm necklaces. This is how the first THOMAS SABO charm bracelets for women were created.

The beads on the other hand are filigree manufactured pearls, which can be threaded onto bracelets and chains from the Karma Beads collection. With the symbolic design, you can create unique compositions.

Both beads and charms for THOMAS SABO necklaces or bracelets are of high quality and are exquisitely designed. The best way for collectors to store them, is in a jewellery box or case. This way, the jewellery stays free of dust and keeps its glare. At the same time, you can enjoy the view of your lovingly collected ornaments, every time you open your box.