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Give a royal finish to your look: The ring-type crown designs are a symbol of perfection and eternity. These royal elements fascinate with detailed precision and allow you to shine with a powerful persona.
Magnificent look
With individual designs from this jewellery series, you can create magnificent highlights that accentuate self-confident personalities with style.
Royal power
The richly detailed designs exude deep symbolism in a royal flair and give their wearers a majestic aura.
Black zirconia
The black zirconia is distinguished by its high quality brilliance and captivates with its purity and perfect cut.
Royal charisma
Masterfully crafted crown designs make for expressively rock’n’roll looks that exude a special symbolic power.
Gold-coloured crown ring
The artistically decorated ring is a royal eye-catcher in which the black pavé trimming is particularly effective in combination with the yellow gold tone. 
EUR 298,00 - EUR 339,00
The Crown