Head over heels in love: show what your heart beats for. Choose from our wide range of finely designed jewellery, some of which is hand-set with filigree stones or gold-plated. Make a statement for love.
Urban Trend
Love symbols stylised into jewellery such as padlocks, infinity signs or keys look cool and casual. They show that you feel free and connected at the same time.
Your style
Whether worn as a single ear stud, ring or necklace or in combination with other designs - create your Love Look with the Charming Collection.
925 sterling silver
Love is precious. That's why each design is finely handcrafted from high-quality 925 sterling silver.
Symbol of love
The lovingly crafted designs that perfectly represent your emotions add a perfectly shaped finishing touch to your look.
Ring with hearts rose gold
This ring with hearts impresses with its unusual open design made of high-quality 925 Sterling silver. It is inspired by true love and real relationships.
EUR 69,00
Symbols of love