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Reach for the THOMAS SABO stars and let yourself be enchanted by the key piece of the cosmos-inspired jewellery collection: the Night Butterfly. Decorated with celestial motifs, this sophisticated creation is the brightest element in the starry night sky and fascinates with its glamorous magnetism.
So close to heaven
The richly detailed jewellery is reminiscent of a sparkling galaxy and exudes a magical effect – so you can add stylish highlights to any of your outfits.
Brilliant jewellery
Sparkling stones and nifty designs reflect the distinctive beauty of different celestial elements and symbolise the positive transformation of life.
Precise & elegant
This Collection is under the star of perfection: The high quality, white stones are accurately hand-set into the jewellery and have an elegant radiance.
Double efficacy
Experience the purity of our cosmic jewellery range, which will have a positive effect on your styling and well-being.
Sparkling jewellery set
For some, stars stand for infinity and magic, for others for security and cohesion, for still others for confidence and happiness: discover our highlights, such as this sparkling jewellery set - like a brightly shining star.
Magic Stars

Magic Stars: moon and star jewellery by THOMAS SABO

Make your dreams come true with moon and star jewellery by THOMAS SABO. The celestial Magic Stars collection boasts sophisticated designs exuding elegant radiance. The THOMAS SABO Magic Stars collection, reminiscent of the brightest and clearest night sky, includes gold and silver necklaces, pendants, bracelets, rings and stud earrings, decorated with celestial moon and star motifs. Made in 925 Sterling silver of the highest quality, these exquisitely crafted and decorated pieces are guaranteed to stylishly set off any outfit.

THOMAS SABO Magic Stars: mystic and elegant

Be inspired by the superior craftsmanship and exquisite attention to detail of the Magic Stars jewellery collection and its interpretations of cosmic-inspired heavenly bodies. Some designs are crafted with a 18k yellow gold-plated finish, lending them an opulent and luxuriant look.

The hand-set zirconia gemstone embellishments beautifully set off the galactic Sterling silver and yellow gold-plated jewellery in shades of blue and soft white. THOMAS SABO moon and star necklaces, crescent moon and star rings, and star and moon stud or drop earrings emanate their celestial magic through their exquisite filigree cut-out effect.

The cosmic world of Magic Stars

All the transcendent pieces in the Magic Stars collection exude a magical aura: THOMAS SABO moon and star pendant necklaces, star and moon stud earrings, or moon and star bracelets. Reach for the stars: twinkly small stars and glittering large stars adorn rings for women skilfully guiding the gaze towards your hands. THOMAS SABO Sterling silver and gold moon and star necklaces are available in classic lengths, which can be adjusted from 40 to 45 cm or from 45 to 50 cm. Wear them as a Y-necklace or as a collier, they are guaranteed to set off any neckline exquisitely.

And THOMAS SABO moon and star pendant necklaces and stud earrings are equally stunning, spectacularly inlaid with hand-set gemstone embellishments. The pieces featuring both the moon and stars combine the luminosity of both celestial bodies, exuding the intense magic of the Magic Stars collection.
Transform night into day. Make an entrance in an evening dress teamed with the beating heart of the collection: the Night Butterfly, combining luxuriant glamour with feminine elegance. Destined to garner admiring glances, it beautifully sets off any look. Wear it as a statement piece or team it with other pieces from the Magic Stars moon and star jewellery collection.

Dreamlike gift ideas: THOMAS SABO moon and star jewellery as a symbol of eternity

Give your loved one a gift from the heart: exquisitely hand-crafted, our gold and silver moon and star jewellery conveys the magic of eternity. No matter how far away we may be from those closest to us, we all look up at the same night sky. It connects us, even if we are separated from each other.
Emotionally it creates a bond: when worn as matching partner jewellery, the Magic Stars moon and star jewellery collection strengthens the bond of friendship or a loving relationship.

The crescent moon represents the constant changes in life and is the perfect gift for anyone entering a new phase in their life:

  • A major birthday
  • A change of job
  • Graduation

And worn as a lucky charm or as a personal talisman, THOMAS SABO Magic Stars moon and star jewellery is also a perfect gift to yourself. It will always light up the right path ahead of you.