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Fascinating women’s bracelets and bangles by THOMAS SABO

Thanks to the creative design and the detailed craftsmanship, the elegant ladies’ bracelets and bangles will impress anyone. The jewellery is crafted from high-quality 925 Sterling silver. Discover the broad selection of our THOMAS SABO pearl, link, tennis or multi-coloured bracelets for women. Within our designs, you will find bracelets, which are plated with an 18k yellow gold or rose gold plating. Many products are combined with numerous sparkling gemstones which are manually placed into their setting.

The extraordinary and delicate bracelets for women are available in various lengths or with extension chains. This way, they fit any wrist and are comfortable to wear on the skin.

Special women’s bracelets and bangles: Your accessory for mesmerizing moments

Minimalistic pieces of jewellery infatuate with their quiet pureness and their simple, clean look. Thanks to the filigree details and unique design language, little elements become recognisable highlights. This way, THOMAS SABO bangles and bracelets for women function as fashionable eye-catchers.

The THOMAS SABO design team continually reinterprets classical products, for instance by adding zirconia stones. Bracelets with colourful glass or ceramic stones in ruby-red or emerald green attract all attention. If you want your bracelet to be the highlight of your outfit, choose a product that has a large centre stone or is made up of different stones in a variety of sizes.
Next to our feminine and elegant designs, THOMAS SABO women’s bracelets and bangles make a strong impression through an innovative material-mix. Within our jewellery for women , we uniquely combine different elements, in order to fashion our typical material bracelets:

  • Thin silver or gold bracelets with white freshwater pearls
  • Bicoloured gold and silver bracelets
  • Special bracelets combining Sterling silver and leather

Silver or golden: Bangles and Bracelets for women for any occasion

Our broad variety of bangles and bracelets is designed to perfectly offer mix and match possibilities. Harmoniously combine your special THOMAS SABO wristband with matching necklaces, rings, or watches, all reflecting the THOMAS SABO design-language. Create your individual style, depending on your casual or elegant wardrobe.

  • For an evening-gala: A tennis bracelet with luxurious zirconia stones is a perfect choice.
  • For a romantic dinner: By picking up a bracelet with white freshwater pearls, you will complete your outfit perfectly.
  • For a Party: Include lavish bangles or bracelets into your expressive club outfit.
  • For everyday: Bracelets with textile bands as a cool accessory for the daytime.
  • Day and Night: Thin chain bracelets, which will match any outfit.

Our bracelets fascinate with the characteristic THOMAS SABO design code. Accordingly, separate pieces can be easily matched together. No matter if you are in the mood for an unpretentious, monochrome look, a colourful and floral style or if you’re in the rock-star mood, wearing skull and tiger jewellery. Our universal design language brings another advantage: you can easily wear individual pieces together by layering bracelets.

Special ladies jewellery: Gold or Sterling Silver bracelets for women as a present

Due to the fact that every single piece of jewellery is manually made of 925 Sterling silver, each product is practically a little piece of art. Therefore, all our accessories are perfectly suitable as a gift idea. Especially with our bracelets for women with symbolic pendants, you can show your affection toward a special person. Strongly related to this aspect are the THOMAS SABO heart or infinity-bracelets, which represent the eternal bond between two people. Feel free to wear all of your bracelets by simply layering them. This way, you intensify the symbolic power and set a fashionable statement at the same time.

Furthermore, bracelets which can be engraved with a personal design are also popular presents. No matter if your individual message consists of symbols, letter or numeral combinations or dates: Use the THOMAS SABO engraving to symbolize the strong bond between sisters, best friends or partners.