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Since 1984, every piece of jewellery has been precisely and intricately handcrafted: "The decisive factor for the success of my brand is also that our design language has always remained visible." Thomas Sabo
The creative process
From the initial idea to the selection of the appropriate precious metals and stones as well as the motifs and colours, all creative processes take place at the company's headquarters. In the process, Thomas Sabo works side by side with the design team and shapes the brand with its sense of aesthetics.
The production process
For each idea, our designers first develop 3D models, after which the first wax prototypes are created. Only when the subsequent samples in precious metal meet our requirements do they go into production, which is carried out via leading suppliers worldwide in close coordination with our product management.
Accurate handwork
Especially the decoration with stones requires the highest concentration and years of experience. With the help of a magnifying glass and the finest tools, the stones are placed in their recesses. Subsequently, metal grains and claws ensure a firm hold. After the stones have been set, the piece of jewellery is polished again and given its final shine.
Finishing the jewellery
Many of our designs are then given a so-called blackening, which is achieved by dipping them into a special solution. This is followed by renewed polishing or, as a further step, immersion in an electroplating bath to finish the piece of jewellery with a high-carat gold plating.
The quality inspection
The quality inspection of the jewellery is time-consuming: The fineness and strength of the precious metal, the appearance of the surface, the seating strength of the stones and the condition of the gilding and blackening are tested. Only after passing the final tests in our quality department do we release a product for worldwide sale.
The fineness of the precious metal
The purity of our materials is evidenced by the company's own hallmark, which is engraved on every THOMAS SABO design.