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Jewellery that carries an individualised message: THOMAS SABO engraved necklaces

Whether you opt for the person's initials, a special date, or the name of the special person in your life – engraved necklaces are an expression of the personal history or the close bond you have with this special person – whether for women or men. THOMAS SABO's range of exquisite jewellery includes minimalist and graphic designs as well as styles embellished with sparkling gemstones. Match the personal engraved message as well as the style of the engraved necklace to the wearer. Key, lock or heart pendants, as well as coins with expressive symbols, such as a tree of life or the infinity symbol, perfectly underline the engraved message of love, enduring bond, friendship and family. Every THOMAS SABO engraved necklace comes as a set comprising a necklace with pendant. All are precisely hand-crafted in 925 Sterling silver. There are also designs that come in a gorgeous warm 750 yellow gold or rosé gold-plated finish. The length of almost all engraved necklaces for her and him can be adjusted.

Personalised gift ideas to make her heart skip a beat

Engraving a necklace with your personal message lets you convey your innermost emotions to a special person: you can wish them luck, express your gratitude, or convey the eternal bond you have with them. And there are so many ways you can do so with THOMAS SABO using pre-formulated phrases or letters, numbers or symbols that mean something to you. Personalised engraved necklaces for men and women are therefore perfect gifts for many occasions.

  • As a Mother's Day gift: a personalised heart necklace engraved with the words "Thank you" or "Love you"
  • To mark the birthday of a best friend or sister: the gift of sparkling pendants engraved with the words "Friendship" or "Superhero"
  • As a Valentine's Day or anniversary gift: identical unisex silver and gold necklaces engraved with the words "A⚭B", "Always yours" or "True love" on both worn as partner jewellery
  • To celebrate graduation, career promotion or any other occasion you can think of: the gift of graphic silver and gold-plated pendants engraved with the words "Dream big", "Superhero" or a phrase that has a special meaning for you

Personalised Sterling silver and gold engraved necklaces are statement jewellery and are eye-catching pieces worn alone. Alternatively layer them with other engraved necklaces or team them with other THOMAS SABO items of jewellery. Design styles that reflect your personality or are an expression of what is important to you. Create on-trend two-tone looks with gold and silver engraved necklaces for a totally up-to-the-minute style.


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