Master the art of layering with charm necklaces in different lengths and combine them with meaningful and stylish pendants, taking your creative collecting passion to a whole new level of styling.
Eye-catching stylings
Demonstrate a knack for extravagant looks and opt for necklaces that are ideal for combining with each other and can be further enhanced with detailed Charms.
Glamourous & trendy
Become a fashion-conscious trendsetter and combine THOMAS SABO Charm necklaces with eye-catching designs – making your looks appear sophisticated and glamorous.
Brilliant baguette cut
THOMAS SABO relies on precision craftsmanship and cuts high-quality gemstones into rectangular or octagonal basic shapes. The parallel facets are arranged in a stepped pattern and give each stone a special luminosity.
Distinctive looks
The expressive chains skilfully present the Charms with white or colourful gemstones and thus emphasise your personal style.
Necklace white stones silver
The THOMAS SABO necklace fascinates with seven white baguette-cut zirconia stones – in combination with other necklaces, it creates an en-vogue layering look.
$79.00 $159.00
Charm Necklaces