Everyone is born under a lucky star. Personalise your jewellery with your birthstone and zodiac sign Charms and experience the power of these symbolic lucky charm pendants in your every day.
Symbolic jewellery
Our Star Sign Charms and birthstones have a meaning and impact all of their own - use the positive and expressive effect of this Collection.
Meaningful designs
Give your charisma a sophisticated touch and go for symbolic designs that cleverly emphasise your good character traits.
Astrological Collection
THOMAS SABO has combined the teachings of stargazing with richly detailed designs to create a jewellery range that reflects your individual personality with style.
Effective pendants
The intensely coloured birthstones and detailed Charms have a profound symbolism that powerfully brings out your positive qualities.
Charm pendant star sign Taurus
The intricately designed Star Sign Charm impresses with its intense radiance and delicate details – the reverse can be engraved with a personal message.
Star Signs & Birthstones