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Silver rings for women: high-quality, classic, individual

From simple band rings to designs with stone embellishments, elaborate engravings, or vintage-style 925 silver rings – our online shop meets all demands and design wishes. At THOMAS SABO, you will find exclusive designs that are masterfully crafted and made of high-quality materials. THOMAS SABO silver rings for women are made of 925 silver, the so-called Sterling silver. This elegant metal is made of 92,5 percent real silver. The remaining parts of this alloy are metals such as copper which ensure easier processing and higher durability. Discover our silver rings now – they will match your taste and bring you joy.

Silver rings and their high versatility

This elegant metal is perfect for simple looks as well as glamorous and extravagant styles. This is also reflected in our selection of silver rings for women:

  • Band rings adorned with fine, elaborate engraved lines or embellished all-round with stones
  • Silver rings with stones: from classic solitaires to opulent centre stones, flanked by further stones
  • Elaborate, three-dimensional designs in the shape of a snake, a butterfly or a cross. Discover our silver snake rings as well as simple, modern silver band rings in our online shop. They are the perfect accessory for everyday looks.
  • Silver signet rings for women with a clean design or stone embellishment
  • Silver rings with slightly blackened elements and a rebellious look

Silver rings: care and cleaning

Pure silver, due to its natural properties, is subject to a natural oxidation process. This entails that its surface can tarnish if it comes into contact with hydrogen contained in the air. This is also the case with 925 Sterling silver since the percentage of pure metal is very high. As a result, you should clean your THOMAS SABO silver rings every now and then. Our tips:

  • Reduce their contact with humidity and do not store your silver rings in the bathroom.
  • Take off your jewellery before taking a shower, a bath or going for a swim.
  • Avoid contact with care products, make-up, perfume or similar products.
  • Clean tarnished surfaces with jewellery wipes.
  • For silver rings with engraved lines and stone embellishments, use a jewellery cleansing bath. Please read the instructions and avoid cleaning pearl rings as well as silver rings with stones such as rose quartz and imitation turquoise.